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Facebook Gets It Right Users Have More Flexibility When Sharing Ads in Their Timeline

Amid a plethora of changes on Facebook, here’s something users will be thrilled with. Apart from many tiny modifications Facebook has introduced over the past ten days, Timeline, a feature that tells a story of your life, is among the most important – It’s a record of your time spent on Facebook as well as a potentially brilliant marketing tool.

Businessmen looking to market their products and services won’t be the only ones pleased with this feature; those who capture images of outdoor brilliance, as well as many others who have pictorial delights to display, will find use for this feature. Established now as a photographer, Jason Hines (below), a social media enthusiast, showcases his unique architecture, wildlife, urban exploration and portrait photography on Facebook. While being fascinated by Google Plus and all that it has introduced in recent days, he was pleased to discover Facebook’s Timeline, and immediately realized that he had use for it. In fact, he had good use for the picture cover feature Facebook now offers users.Apart from professionals and enthusiasts who have interesting and purposeful images to display in the picture cover feature, many average users will also find great use for this new feature. This advertisement tool allows users to have a featured picture right upfront for your friends and fans to see as soon as they click to view your profile. Your contacts will be able to view and share what you have displayed, and you can even have a trail of images related to your main one. They will be tempted to see more apart from the main image you display.

Apart from average users, businesses or individuals with public lives will be thrilled to have this feature work for them, as they can easily advertise past and upcoming events, special introductions and a lot more. As an average user or a businessman, the Timeline feature allows you to build connections and engage your fans and friends to do the rest of the work for you when you tickle their interest. But how can you do that?

Facebook has been flexible in its approach; instead of limiting the advertisement feature with just a Like button, users now have options such as Read, Watch, Listen and Buy, which allows them to tell their friends exactly what they recommend with each item shared in their Timeline. This is exactly what users have been looking for – more control over the information they share.Many are keen to experience the Timeline that is well talked about now, but it might be a few weeks before everyone is able to view it. This is largely because Facebook reveals its new features according to users’ geographical locations. However, you can configure it before you can actually use the app, via the Facebook Developer page. At this stage, you can tidy up and prepare yourself for the feature in advance by deciding on exactly what you want to keep concealed from your viewers in your Timeline. You can also decide on what you want deleted from Facebook or changed to viewable for just some of your friends. After you make all the changes you desire, you can go ahead and choose to publish your Timeline.

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