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graph search development firmFacebook has long been looking for a killer app ever since it went public. Something that would end up revolutionizing the internet as we know it.

With its recent unveiling of Graph Search, it is has sent shockwaves over the world. It has completely redefined web search as we know it.

According to CEO Mark Zuckerberg,
Graph Search is designed to take a precise query and give you an answer, rather than links that might provide the answer.Facebook Graph Search DeveloperHere’s an example of how Graph Search will work:


If you ask Facebook about “women who like Star Wars AND live nearby”, based on your group of friends and geographical location, Facebook will give you precisely the results you asked for.

Eating Out

So you want to check out a swanky eating place. A place that has also been recommended by your Facebook friends? Well guess what, Graph Search can combine these two elements to give you custom tailored results.

Graph Search is precise and personalized.

Medical Advice

You got a cavity? Find dentists recommended by friends on Facebook.

Have a fever? Use Graph Search to find nearby clinics that also come recommended by your Facebook friends.

Graph Search delivers results, not links unlike Google. With the power of Graph Search, Facebook has demonstrated its potential to become the next Foursquare and even Amazon. It makes use of all of the data users have entered into their profiles to return meaningful results from four areas: people, photos, interests, and places.

Graph Search is currently in beta and it also boasts further integration with Bing to kepp the search results more relevant.

With Graph Search, Facebook app developers are armed with more flexibility and power to usher in an age of next-generation Facebook apps. With Social Cubix, you can be a part of this new age too.

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