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Facebook Sweepstakes Application For Brands

Sweepstakes ApplicationMost global brands have chosen to take maximum advantage of Facebook’s marketing power and create applications, contests or sweepstakes that further enhances their brand power. Small businesses should observe marketing tactics employed by global brands on Facebook. The recent attraction added by these brands is that of sweepstake applications. And while these global brands hold sweepstakes to create brand building; small businesses can use sweepstake applications on Facebook to attract a large chunk of potential customers.

We are now going to look at some wild and truly ground-breaking as well as simple ideas that global brands are utilizing to build and enhance brand awareness and value.

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Microsoft is offering a $100 bucks challenge on its sweepstakes application platform. If you can prove that your phone is faster than a Windows Phone 7 smartphone at everyday stuff, you get to win a whooping $100! Their sweepstakes application on Facebook is replete with Youtube entries of people comparing their current smartphones with Windows Phone 7. Microsoft’s Facebook Application developers deserve a pat for coming up with a great promotion idea that leverages everyday technological tools. View Windows Phone Challenge.

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Mountain Dew and The Dark Knight Rises

Two powerhouse brands coming together for cross-promotion is one of the best sweepstakes application ideas. Warner Bros’ much hyped flick is going to drive up sales of Mountain Dew beverages thanks to a dead simple promotional campaign.

With every purchase of Mountain Dew, consumers earn points which they can redeem online for prizes ranging from The Dark Knight branded Xbox 360 console to T-Shirts, customized watches and posters featuring TDKR’s cast. View Go Inside Gotham City Sweepstakes

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Dreamworks’ Madagascar

Madagascar’s artistic flair and top-notch animation has made it a household name.

As part of their promotion strategy, avid fans who visited their Facebook destination got a chance to own a piece of Madagascar history by registering for its Fine Art Sweepstakes. Fans were treated to giant-sized and breathtaking posters signed by members of the production team who worked on the blockbuster hit. They make for perfect giveaways. View Fine Art Sweepstakes

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Pizza Hut

For a truly global brand, sometimes a barebones yet effective idea is all what you need to spread the love and your brand’s value.

To this effect, Pizza Hut recently rolled out its Hut Lovers Camp promotion. You can qualify for free Stuffed Pizza Rollers with your next online order and exclusive members-only deals. All it needs is your email address. This way Pizza Hut can keep you aware of future promotions down the line. View Hut Lovers’ Camp email Program

No wonder that long-term incentive-based sweepstakes application approach is successful in roping in legions of potential brand loyal customers.

If you’re in need of a sweepstake application on your Facebook fan page, we at Social Cubix are at your service. Drop us a line and let us help you out.

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