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Focus 2015: Five Mobile App Development Trends

Your smartphone is the one thing you instinctively reach for every time you want to shop online, order pizza or even signal a cab. It is glued to you for life, and there are hardly any smartphone-free individuals you’ll come across today.

With the way things are, there’s no stopping the evolution in mobile app development. It would be interesting to see how some top trends are going to shape up mobile app development in 2015.

Wearable Tech – The Future


Courtesy of Apple Watch (replace this link with the AP published article], wearable tech was the talk of the town in consumer electronics industries last year. Initially, wearable apps were more or less designed to work for fitness and health purposes.

This year we can expect to see more widespread use of wearable apps in enterprises to boost efficiency and productivity. The textile and fashion industries are expected to follow suit. Don’t be surprised if you see mobile app developers shifting to wearable apps [insert link to published Android Wear how-to article] for enterprises and other industries, by the numbers.

User Experience at the Forefront


The app user experience is going to be a critical part of the equation in 2015, given the rate at which people continue to buy up tablets, wearable devices and smartphones.

Focus on in-app advertising is greater than it’s ever been and buying mobile user experience is going to be a challenging proposition. Analytics will play a governing role in assisting developers offer better, more unique user experiences.

In-app Purchasing and Advertising


2015 will see in-app advertising spend across all mobile users reaching $7.1 billion, according to a Juniper Research study. Mobile ad networks are going well beyond banners to integrate and experiment with a variety of ad formats.

In-app purchases and advertising are going to be a key monetization focus and vital success measure as more developers are moving away from the traditional paid download approach.

Parallax Scrolling – The Wow Effect


A great UX design is a crucial part of any mobile app. Parallax scrolling is gaining popularity to improve and enhance app design, all the while making it more intriguing as well as intuitive. It can add more depth to the app design and keep users better engaged – you spark the user’s curiosity by incorporating a storytelling-like design philosophy.

When you integrate the parallax scrolling method in a mobile app, you make it appear more interesting and trendy, delivering a memorable mobile experience. There may be certain after effects you need to deal with, but there’s usually a workaround.

Mobile Gaming – The Beast Has Awakened


2014 saw mobile games embracing multiplayer. Add to that all the social media integration and social interaction found in mobile games, and they’re going to be a hot commodity.

This year, it’s also expected that mobile games are going to be more cloud driven, given the frequent demand of game updates and refinements. Game developers will have to be very proactive in managing all this while keeping their audiences pleased.

Father.IO plans to revolutionize the way we experience multiplayer first-person shooters in a one-of-a-kind reality game that makes use of the actual environment you’re in.

What are your thoughts on the hottest mobile app development trends this year? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t hesitate to get in touch with our app development team to discuss anything and everything on mobile apps.

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