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Free Call & SMS Scheduler – The One Mobile Scheduler You Just Can’t Be Without

“I’m not really the kind of guy who plans on making phone calls or send texts at a set time… when the need arises I just do it, unless of course something else gets in the way, in which case, I tend not to make that call!” says Cubix Labs COO, Salman.

He explains further: “During my three-year marriage to my lovely wife, I must have put off ‘important stuff to do’ at least a few times each year. The wife was naturally cross with me as you can imagine. I had to find a permanent fix, fast. I also purchased call and text scheduling apps but they kept asking me to pay in order to use features; even then privileges were limited.”

Get Your Future Calls/Texts in Order

These instances of lost time if you will, is what inspired Salman to build a clever app which would schedule automatic calls and text messages, and send them out according to a designated date and time. Got down to work he did, and the team coughed up an app within two weeks. This turned out to be his lucky charm: Salman has without fail, wished his wife on every birthday on the dot, with no delays or “lost time”.

What kind of folks can benefit from Free Call & SMS Scheduler? Whether you’re a struggling college student or an on-the-go entrepreneur, or even a busy stay-at-home mom, this app lets you pre-plan all your calls and messages so that you never forget to get in touch with who you’re supposed to. Set a date and time, and “just forget’abat’eet” like they say in Chicago.

You’re probably aware of how many similar apps are out there with the same functions. What makes Free Call & SMS Scheduler stand out? Not only is it free, it lets you schedule unlimited calls and text messages. Sound too good to be true? That’s not all.

Miss your scheduled call or message, and it will reschedule it automatically according to the chosen “occurrence”, be it hourly, daily or weekly etc. A 5-sec countdown lets you know you’re about to connect and the speaker phone of your device automatically gets activated so you can start talking. You can always disconnect it if its not a good time to talk. The app’s going to re-schedule your call anyway according to the “occurrence” setting.

Changed your mind about the scheduled call or text? No problem; edit parameters according to your preference.

Free Call & SMS Scheduler displays no ads or any other distractions like that. All you get is a clean and straightforward interface which lets you do exactly what you need to and get on with it.

What the Crystal Ball Says

There is good reason to be excited about what this app may bring to the table. The possibility of having custom-recorded voice messages to be sent to your contacts or even yourself, is already on the cards. The integration of auto-outgoing emails might join the ranks in addition to calls and messages.

There’s still a lot of stuff that needs to be explored and done in the auto-scheduling app market. As people start to get busier with time, there is inevitably going to be a need to come up with an app that schedules everything you could possibly imagine.

Well, what we got here is a major step in the right direction and the market for it is nothing short of huge.

We’d love to know about your experience and thoughts on Free Call & SMS Scheduler. Leave a comment or two and don’t hesitate to contact us directly to discuss how we can make the experience more complete for you.

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