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Google Chromecast: A Quick Review

It’s small, cheap and wireless. The device allows you to stream YouTube to your TV using your tablets or Smartphone as remote, with additional access of Google Music and Google TV for Android users. Even though there are some frustrating limitations to the device the video dongle is sold out and pre booked for weeks.

The promo of Google Chromecast could misleadingly appear to challenge Apple TV and Roku, but its reliance on mobile devices and limited app support could mean Google Chrome leaves a lot to be desired and could lag behind its competitors, unless it sees an upgrade.

The limitations to the video streamer are justified with the cost, being only 35 dollars, but should it receive such harsh criticism yet? We doubt it. Chromecast has the ability to transfer content from Chrome browser from Windows Pc or Mac and can run shows and full episodes from networks like ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC etc. from their respective websites. chromecast developer

Yes, there is a lack for many dedicated apps for many major services, no dedicated TV interface for standalone use, but then again the limitations are justified with its impulse worthy buy. Chromecast would be an absolute delight provided if more apps offer support. Till then Apple TV or Roku boxes have absolutely nothing to feel challenged about. Another plus is its multi tasking on the laptop, tablet or other device that does not interrupt streaming on television.

The drawback however, is that the device requires power for TVs without USB. That could look rather messy having a wire wrung out from your power outlet. Other than that, TVs with a USB input wouldn’t have to face that issue.

Overall Chromecast cannot necessarily be compared to Apple TV as these are two different devices for its individual functions. Chromecast simply is the quickest and cheapest way to stream content on your television without exploiting your pocket to invest in a smart TV. With a price like that; who wouldn’t want to avail it?

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