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Great News for Android App Developers – Google Play Allows Comment Replies!

Google Play DevelopersFinally! Google has created an opportunity for app developers to defend comments and reviews about their applications right on the Google Play platform. Now no negative basher can put your app down with rough comments such as, “crap performance”, “This app sucks…” and all those other hurtful statements that can actually kill your application. Most of the time, these reviews are not by real time users and are purposely invoked by competitors (yes, cheap tactics) to degrade a developer. But thanks to Google Play’s latest design implementation, developers can now give a spot on reply. Here are some of the things you can do with this opportunity.

Help Users Understand Device Compatibility

Some applications are designed to run only on latest models of the Android OS whereas others work well only on devices by specific manufacturers. Users are sometimes unaware of this and consider the application to be a buster. With the option of a reply back, you can actually inform users of device compatibility and that in turn will help other users reading the app review to feel confident using your application.

Address Issues and Answer Questions

Almost 90% of customer queries are questions that need accurate answers. And this is your golden chance to answer all questions regarding the application’s functionality. This will help build your image as an active business that cares about its customers and you might just get a good fan following with all your helpful replies.

A Chance for Direct Communication between User and Developer

Your answer will be on public display right next to existing reviews. On an answer made, the user will be notified via email of your response. Should they want to ask anything further, they can always get directly in touch with you. This can also be a lucrative platform for gaining potential customers.

SIDE NOTE: For now, this initial feature is available only for “Top Badge Developers”, which covers most of the popular apps out there.

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