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How Brands can Benefit with Facebook’s Graph Search

graph search developerFacebook Graph Search is being touted as the third pillar of Facebook, after the newsfeed and timeline that is. Many social media experts are predicting that Graph Search has the potential to redefine consumer marketing on the internet. It will have the power to rival Foursquare, Yelp and and even Amazon! It will do so by merging the power of Facebook’s social graph data with user recommendations.

For global brands, Graph Search comes as a blessing and a challenge. For the first time, the users themselves will have an incentive to seek out their favorite brands via the power of Open Graph. This wasn’t possible before.Facebook graph search developmentBrands will be employing a more proactive approach towards integrating their Facebook marketing efforts with traditional marketing means. Simply put, if a user makes a query about ‘donut shops in California recommended by their friends’, then Facebook will deliver the exact answer in no time.

This comes as good news for smaller businesses. No longer will they have to worry about their clout and influence that it takes to climb up on Google search results. With Graph Search, its easy and only makes use of Facebook’s social graph data.

Now, businesses will place more emphasis on their Facebook marketing efforts than ever before. The accumulation of “likes” and ‘comments’ will acquire a renewed focus in marketing your brand.facebook graph search developers

It won’t matter if you have a great restaurant in NYC. Not, unless people have recommended your place on Facebook. This is how it will be with Search Graph. Your social connections will amount for more than all the money and advertising / marketing budget put together. Its the modern equivalent of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing.

One more way Graph Search will become popular is the potential for targeting the right demographic. In the future, Facebook might pair up a advertising product with a graph search query. And it will be delivering personalized results based on the user’s profile and personal info.

Search Graph is currently rolling out in limited beta. It will be constantly tweaked and be ready for prime time in the coming weeks.

One thing is for sure. Recommendation sites like Yelp and Foursquare will be completely overshadowed by Facebook’s Graph Search.

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