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How Mobile Apps Are Raising the Bar for Hotel Owners

The mobile technology revolution has transformed the way we live and perform day to day tasks both at home and at work. Many opportunities are to be had for practically every kind of business.

Consumers everywhere are spending many hours on their smartphones, engrossed in transactions, buying stuff, playing games or simply booking a room. If you’re not mobile, you’re simply stuck in the “old days”. It is estimated that by 2017, practically anybody who’s online will be either using a smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for desktop PCs and laptops.

Where does this leave the hospitality industry? Mobile apps can offer numerous benefits to both patrons as well as hotel owners, though it can be tough to initially take in the scale of what’s in and trendy, and what it actually means when applied practically.

Travelers today expect to use mobile services no matter where they are, or what they’re looking for. Hotel guests everywhere are more mobile than ever. Only as recently as 2012, over 80% leisure travelers spent their vacations while using smartphones to get travel info. There are more than 30% travelers and tourists using mobile devices already to find good hotel deals.

Need more compelling reasons to start offering a mobile app for your hotel?

Let’s talk about what you could be missing out if you don’t start offering one.

There’s No Denying the Future


Tablet and smartphone sales continue to grow at an exponential rate. Prices are getting highly competitive and anybody who’s anybody is picking up one. Mobile apps have reached an all-time high popularity note and that’s no surprise; after all, they do improve product functionalities and facilitate better service in a number of ways.

You could simplify the whole room booking process and various hotel services by giving travelers and guests the option of availing certain services through mobile usage only.

Cement Brand Loyalty

customer loyalty

Offering hotel apps to your customers as a “default” option can strengthen both brand and customer loyalty. How can a mobile app do that? Well, how about integrating a guest loyalty program of sorts to let guests accumulate points on bookings which could be changed to rewards, incentives or certain perks?

It doesn’t have to end here; guests can be encouraged to shoot feedback through a built in review feature. What a way to collect hotel reviews directly from your own guests, wouldn’t you say? Combine these positive reviews with loyalty bonuses and the guest loyalty program – you’ve got yourself a winning formula for blasting brand loyalty through the stratosphere.

Diverse Communication


Push notifications, direct connections with social media etc. being integrated into hotel apps would allow for different communication channels. The hotel keeps guests in the loop at all times and provide them the most relevant info on hotel stays and amenities.

Guest can also connect with hotel staff without the blink of an eye, and in turn, the hotel can instantly respond to requests or other questions posed by guests. A proper hotel app doesn’t have to rely on a single channel, but rather several ones to provide the best guest-hotel communication exchange.

Let us know what you think about integrating mobile apps with hotel management. You can also speak to our mobile devs directly.

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