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How to Beat Everyday Challenges of Mobile App Development

Software development is often considered the backbone of innovation for any technology driven business. Unfortunately, many programmers and app developers are inevitably side-tracked by common hurdles that plague the development process early on. Here’s how you can avoid them.

Appeasing Your Target Market

Do your research thoroughly and you’ll know exactly which platforms are going to generate sizable returns. Unless you’ve zeroed in on your demographic, you’re putting a lot on the line for nothing. In addition, fleshing out a detailed plan of attack to tackle the various challenges of mobile app development is of the essence:

- Competitive analysis
- Market analysis
- Profit and/or loss forecasting
- Startup and funding breakdown
- A formal business plan with clear goals and planned/expected outcomes

Quite a few developers are somewhat intimidated by this task and deem it acceptable to cut corners. This is a dire mistake which can make your plan fall flat before it even begins to gain momentum. Amid groans, you’ll be really glad this task was taken head on.

Lucky for you, there are businesses that specialize in tailoring a precise approach that goes in line with your vision and business strategy.

Getting the Right Platform in Your Crosshairs

When you have a sound business plan in your development arsenal, the process of identifying platforms naturally becomes a little less cumbersome.

Let’s say you’re developing for both iOS and Android, your funds may be limited and you’re forced to keep a close check on the number of devices you can target. In this case, you might want to target iOS since the screen sizes you can develop for, are limited. By contrast, Android has several sizes.

However, iOS has more stringent acceptance policies, so this needs to be factored in during the planning phase. Always review in detail the submission guidelines in the preliminary stage so that you are well prepared for any and all eventualities.

Sharing Creative Juices

Business through Mobile Apps
Designers and app developers working together isn’t exactly unheard of: one oversees UX design while the other deals with coding. At times, “marrying off” ideas and workflows can be an “easier said than done” affair.

Take it upon yourself to sit down with your project mates and chalk out a clear plan so as to who’s responsible for what task. The entire process can be smooth sailing from start to finish, if you have a clear approach towards solving problems (as they arise) and managing workflows.

Objectives need to be clearly laid out, but then again that’s stating the obvious, isn’t it? Part of your plan to overcome challenges of mobile app development should also include who is responsible for overseeing what phase of the project, and when it is to be concluded. In case you’re working with clients, you could also do this through contracts.

Keeping Your Conversions and Click-rates down

What dictates app advertisements? Apart from your target audience, there’s the central focus or theme of the app as well as the intended user flow, which is to be taken into account. Options are aplenty, and it can prove to be challenging to nail the ideal advertising format from the get go, even as your app continues to gain popularity.

There is room for experimentation and you can try out different approaches to see which resonates best with your user base. Content-heavy news apps for instance, can benefit from in-stream advertising, where ads go along well with the desired page content. Ads are not as interruptive and your users are going to lean more towards clicking them without much hesitation.

With today’s heavily saturated market, app development is no walk in the park. Issues pertaining to user experience, ethics, insufficient downloads or low ad clicks have become common place for some developers. However, as long as you have identified and mitigated some of these challenges reasonably early in the development lifecycle, you are poised for future growth and staying power.

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