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How to Design a Successful Photo Contest for your Brand



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Facebook Photo Contest

Facebook Photo Contest

Facebook Photo Contest Development

Facebook Photo Contest Development

Facebook Photo Contest Development

Facebook Photo Contest Developers

The enduring popularity of photo sharing app Instagram holds sage lessons for brand marketers, photos are the best way to build up your brand. They help bring in increased community engagement levels.

By holding Photo Contests, companies can invite positive feedback as well as project brand value to a wider audience than ever before.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that your Photo Contest becomes a successful exercise in brand promotion.

1. Define your Photo Contest.

There can be no photo contest without a theme. A clearly defined theme can:

  • Make the contest attractive and relatable to the audience at first sight
  • Ensure that random and unrelated photos are kept away
  • Keep photo submissions relevant to your brand

Some information that can benefit the contestants right away includes how the winner is picked:

  • By number of Votes
  • By number of Views
  • Contest duration
  • Rules

2. Come up with Unique Photo Contest Ideas

There are many fun ideas that can make your contest interesting. Some of the examples include:

  • Describe the Photo with an Interesting caption
  • The great outdoor photos –pictures depicting natural habitats.
  • Treats for the Tummy – photograph your delicious treats
  • Colorful World –  eye-catching pictures with a wide color palette
  • Artistic and Technical – For the photography pros and artists out there.

3. Prizes that make people flock to the contest

It’s the prizes that make people participate by the droves to your contest. A price doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Contest organizers can offer neat extras such as:

  • Gift Cards
  • Discount Coupons and Codes
  • Increased exposure of the winning entry on other media.

4. Let Your Audience astound you with their Creativity.

As a rule of thumb, let your audience work their magic with their submissions. This helps to keep the contest interesting. Too many limiting rules can limit participation levels. Even if your contest is sponsored, try not to restrict creativity at work.

5. Keep the Contests “Social”

So many social media tools and innovations can be leveraged to make your photo contests even more popular and far-reaching. For instance, you can vote on a photo and your friends can see the results on their news feed and thus boost referrals and activity.

If you are looking for professional Photo Contest development for your brand on Facebook, drop us a line below.

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