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How to Develop a Mobile Game Like Angry Birds?

We all know the answer when we have been asked about the coolest mobile game on earth, yes – We all scream loud “Angry Birds”. After earning over $500M in sales, it has become a cultural phenomenon. Recently Rovio announced that Angry Birds will now be developed into a 3D animation film and it will be released worldwide by Sony on 1st of July 2016.

Now that’s a huge achievement, right? Yes, today Angry Birds app is the standard in mobile gaming industry for the mobile game developers and companies both.

Let’s jot down some steps to develop a highly addictive game like Angry Birds;

5 Reasons Why Angry Birds is so Popular and Successful:

My name is Saad Khan, I’m a 27-year-old content marketer and I have a confession to make. I am addicted to playing Angry Birds and hooked on catapulting chickens of mass destruction into dumb fat pigs, its not as bad as addictions to tobacco or alcohol – but it’s an addiction nonetheless.

Well, long story short – as a marketer I was always intrigued to know why this game has gone viral among the masses and giving game development company revenue that they have never thought off. I noted five simple things about the famous mobile game app – Angry Birds.

Now… Its time to let you know that how important it is to find a mobile game design and development company that delivers success similar to Angry Birds.

  1. Simplicity & Usability Matters – Angry Birds game app is designed to involve and engage everyone, from a 5 year old to a 60 year old. The game is so simple that anyone can easily play and go to a next level on the first attempt. Giving the ease of play makes a user confident that they can get to next level swiftly.
  2.  Winner or Looser – Everyone wants to win while playing games and Angry Birds draws a very thin line between a winner and loser. This makes a player to get back on playing after a lost game. If you lose once, you immediately want to try again, just tweaking the angle of a slingshot in order to affect the outcome. This will keep player trying until success towards a new level.
  3. Progression Ladder – We all achieve success step by step and it’s not restricted to life goals, we play games with the same instinct. Angry Birds mobile game developers also kept that in mind and designed it accordingly. The game levels are small, and you always feel that you’re making progress. Every next level excites you play more & more till the end.
  4. Thrilling Satisfaction – Angry Birds is a thrilling adventure that makes you kill pigs with your slingshot and powerful birds. Getting the right shot and clearing the whole level on one go bring an instant “WOAH”. Satisfaction by winning keeps you playing the game all the time.
  5. Competition – Angry Birds has created a competition, I play for higher scores to beat my brother who is also trying his best to go to next level. We all love to share our higher scores in our social networks (Facebook & Twitter) and that’s letting people to try the game and be addicted forever.

Now…Its time to let you know that how important it is to find a mobile game design and development company that delivers success similar to Angry Birds.


5 Things to See Before Hiring a Mobile Game Development Company:

Mobile game apps are expensive to design and develop, but its consumption is the highest among all. So if you invest with a right idea, you will get your investment back in a very short time and you will be making profits in millions.

To get all the above mentioned ingredients of Angry Birds in your mobile game app, you need to choose a professional mobile game development company. Here are five important things to look out for their credibility:

angry birds game development

  1. A professional and experienced mobile game app development company possesses an amazing portfolio that they are proud off. Go to their work section and explore what games they have developed yet.
  2. Always have a look at their client list; companies working with famous brand names give a sign of trust. If they are relying and investing that means your investment is safe too.
  3. Go play some of their mobile games online, this will help you determine their capability of designing a user experience. If you are enjoying the game that means they are the right choice.
  4. Know the project management team behind the project, so you can understand their capability of making a promise and delivering it on time.
  5. Mobile game development costs are always high but always look for quality. Choose a company which can offer you a reasonable development cost of a game and deliver your idea.


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