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How to Make a Million Dollar Game

Breaking down the process:inspiration

Team Super cell, were already inspired and driven by Travian and Backyard Monsters, with art references from old SNES and arcade games like Advance Wars, Gauntlet.

Step 1: Get Inspired! :

When a team is fueled up with stock loads of inspiration it ignites with creativity. If developers are working on a game they’d love to play themselves, chances are pretty good they’re headed in the right direction.

Step 2: Review Previous Experience:


A team that analyzes its past experience and works with a methodology is always better off than those taking a shot in the dark. When you know how to apply information it automatically becomes knowledge. An archive rich with reviewed experience is always a precious asset for a successful team.

Step 3: Focus towards Playability, Keeping it simple!


A simpler looking game always attracts playability. When a team smartly avoids initial complexities, it offers more inviting visuals to attract all kinds of players. A pre-rendered easy to edit game ensures playability and fun. Easy breezy, lemon squeezy! Great examples with a simple UI are puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled, Clash of Clans etc.

Step 4: Small team, Unspoilt broth.


When you work with a trusted and skilled team, you don’t need a too many members. A great example is of team Supercell they developed the Million dollar game with only 5 members at the beginning, releasing the entire game with a total of 8 sharp and driven developers, over a period of just 6 months! If that is not team spirit then I don’t know what is!

Step 5 : In life best things are free!


Making a free to play game, which is fair and balanced, makes everyone happy. The players are free to unlock and upgrade items without paying. You can imagine the delight of the players when they are gratified with unlocking free goodies and upgrading free items, who wouldn’t get addicted to a game like that?

Step 6 : Prepare for global domination!


Localizing a game in different languages, helps it greatly to vein into the hearts of the people with ease. Looping in all kinds of casual and hardcore players, such games encompass pretty much everyone willing to play from anywhere!

All in all the above carefully laid plans work.  In my opinion any team can make it big as long as they are clear with their vision and work strictly according to their game plan, making the entire user experience work beautifully enveloping all kinds of players. Everybody is invited, everybody wins!

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