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How to make money with your iPhone Games – A Case Study

how to make money from iphone gamesYou possess all the skills and are full of confidence for developing an iphone game which is going to break records in the App Store and surely help you earn millions.>

But in reality earning from iphone game apps is not easy as it seems. Iphone game developers need possess a good plan along with other key features, which can help make their games stand in competition with the likes of games such as Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope etc.

To make explain how exactly you can be successful with the iphone game you have developed, we have mentioned here the success story of Matt Rix who went on to earn with his simply designed iphone train game.

Trainyard Game Developers

The Humble Success of Trainyard

Matt Rix is the creator of the iphone game Trainyard which taken almost 16 months to reach the top of the iTunes app store.

The game in the starting did not make much but after Rix offered a free to play version it dramatically increased sales and became the top free app in Italy.

With time it started gaining popularity in the UK, after which Apple contacted Rix to ask him to feature his app in the paid iphone app list.

His game has increased in popularity in the US as well with the different advertising campaigns he is running at the moment.

So what does the success story of Rix teach those who wish to earn with their iphone games?

Understanding the Market

Around 81% of the iOS games developed today can be downloaded absolutely free of cost. These games go on to earn bucks through mobile advertising and in-app purchases.

This severely affects developers who want to cash in on the download and therefore an impossible feat for individual developers. In this circumstance the step which Matt taken can be marvelous that is offer a free trial version of your game.

In this regard it’s important that you are aware of the changing market conditions and go according to the flow of things.

Managing a Good Advertising Campaign

iphone game making moneyThe main aim of advertising is seeking the most “conversions” and this can only be achieved when you are relevant and target your ads towards a certain audience.

It’s also important that your advertisements placement should not interrupt the gaming experience of a user but on the contrary needs to be displayed at the opportune moment.

Developers should also make the design of their advertisements appear quite unique, using Html5 in this instance would be a great thing.

Both of the above mentioned points are liable enough to help lead your developed iphone game towards success.


We at Social Cubix carry out all these steps while developing iphone games for our different clients. With the help of our talented and skilled team of developers design games that can become a hit in no time at all.

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