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How Using Mobile App Analytics can Help you as a Developer

Mobile analytics developerIn the eyes of a mobile app developer three things are quite essential while building a mobile app, a well planned strategy, unique and great design concept and an unyielding development process.

With all the effort you put towards the making of the app it’s important that you measure its exact value and execution, in this regard using analytics proves to be quite helpful.

We at Social Cubix are keen in employing such a procedure which helps us avoid costly mistakes while on the other hand adds to our popularity of being the best in the app development industry.

Mentioned here below are few tips which can help mobile app developers use analytics in an effective manner.

Use App Analytic Prior to Releasing your App

If your app has already been accepted in the stores then this I guess you should stop reading from here. The point we are trying to make is that if you analyze your app while it is in the beta and alpha phase then you can come across lots of data which can help you make it more user friendly and stronger.

TestFlight is a tool which helps you do just, by giving you the option to manage beta driven data which will result in a well finished product.

Users May not Similarly Use the Apps as You Do

Often mobile app developers get in a fix as the apps they create are not used the way they wanted it to by people. This is the reason why it’s essential for them to get unbiased people using the analytics developersAn analytic tool you can use in this procedure is the, which uses heat maps that allow developers to see which part of the app was interacted most with.

Analytic Providers Vary According to Types of Apps

Ok the term “mobile apps” is quite diverse therefore there are different analytic providers for different apps. For example, Playtomic can be a good analytic if your developing mobile games, while on the other hand Localytics is suitable for a content development app.

Choose a Provider that can Help you Grow

Suppose you have an android app and are planning on making an iOS version or have an iPhone app and want to make an ipad version, it’s important that you choose an analytic provider which caters to your needs.

Make sure that the vendor you select is in line with your product scale i-e is willing to cover different platforms, geographies and devices.


Today an estimated 1 billion people in world use smartphones which by 2015 is going to further increase to 2 billion and ultimately loads of more apps are going to be included in the market and eventually the demand for app analytic providers is sure to increase.

If mobile app developers use their time now and start using mobile app analytics, it is sure to save cash and also prevent mistakes.

Social Cubix is a Leading app development firm located in North America. We believe in walking step by step with the latest innovations in the field of app development, offering our clients with the best development services.

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