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How Windows 8 Transformed the Approach of PC Gaming

PC gaming has witnessed reinvention at different intervals since its introduction, for instance in the 1990’s the advent of 3D acceleration and lately the mobile revolution in the 2000’s.

Microsoft the multinational computing cooperation with its new Windows now offers game developers a platform through which they can change their approach towards the creation of games.

In the recent Microsoft Build Conference it was highlighted how PC gaming is no more bound to just the keyboard and mouse but has enhanced to a whole new level, something which we at Social Cubix are keen to put in practice for the different PC games we develop for clients.

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One Game on Multiple Platforms

When the ipad was launched some years back its’ touch sensitivity and built in- accelerometer features revolutionized the gaming front.

Microsoft is introducing game developers with something more than just tablet gaming in the coming year. It has been working on API’s through which developers can create single games that can be played on different platforms.

For example if you’re playing a racing game on your Xbox 360 your friend can view the maps and highways on his PC and assist you with the game.

The Microsoft Build Conference highlighted how developers need to create games that can be played on windows 8 tablets, pc and gaming consoles creating a multiplayer atmosphere.

Tablet Revolutionizes Everything

Many developers think that Tablet Gaming is all about touch control; well it’s not popular for just that but includes near field sensors, GPS, accelerometers etc.

Microsoft’s new platform for development which is known as Windows Runtime combines tablets, PC’s and the Windows 8 phone all of which incorporate these features. Because of this developers who are familiar with Windows Runtime can create game as dynamic as any top iOS game.

Minesweeper – A Major Example

All this time we have been explaining things, it’s time therefore to give you a more practical game developerI guess we are all aware of the traditional minesweeper game which was available free on every OS since the Windows 3.1.

Well Microsoft has featured a revamped version of this game now in its Windows Store in which it has implemented all that we were talking about. For instance, the game now runs on full screen which is more suitable for tablet devices and blends in quite well on the PC as well.

The Gameplay has changed; as now you do not need to mark every tile to pass a level, in fact there is no single way to complete the game, as now you can finish it in different ways.

The new game also features daily challenges and achievements which give the game a more social dimension; Minesweeper also includes in-game advertising.

A New Generation for Gaming

With the arrival of Windows 8 and Windows RT new games are going to emerge in the Windows Store all of which are going to allows easy synchronization with different PC platforms.

It’s surely going to be fun to see games developed to run on a common platform and how we at Social Cubix are going to incorporate with this changing approach of PC Gaming.

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