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iOS Vs Android and Blackberry OS Vs Windows OS – What’s Your Call? Part 2

AndroidAnd the battle continues…. The last time we gave you a detailed perspective on the iOS glory. Today, we’ll continue with our take on the Android phenomena.Read Part 1

The Android OS Family

Android is the godchild of Google (yes, we all know that…Google makes a pretty good godfather) and because it has this giant godfather as backup, the OS didn’t take that much time to hit the market and get it on rock n roll mode. Before long, Android was at par level with the iOS and had sales statistics claiming it to be the next big thing. What made Android rock? Find out.

The Good

  • Android was released by the collaborative movement of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a unit that comprises of major firms such as Google, HTC, Sony, Dell, Samsung, LG, T-Mobile, Motorola and many others. This is one reason why smartphones released by the companies work primarily on the Android OS.
  • Working on the Linux platform, Google declared the OS to be an open source code release. This meant that Android could be used as a standard OS for any smartphone device.
  • Use of Java compatible libraries that gave app developers (like us) an easy path to code or develop applications.
  • An open environment that does not hold any restrictions on any app used or developed. Users and developers both can take full benefit of an open system; unlike the restricted framework of iOS.
  • A variety of devices for customers to choose from. Be it HTC’s macho design or Samsung’s elegant interface; you get to use your favorite brand without compromising on design or quality.
  • Oh! Not to mention, the cost of an Android device is way less than that of iOS. Be it a tablet or a smartphone, you sure will get the same stuff, the same functionality (even better and more diversified) at almost half the price!

The Bad

Though the Android platform is pretty friendly, there are still a number of flaws about it that has got many a professional smartphone user going awry over it. Here are the baddies.

  • Being too friendly didn’t turn out so well because malicious developers found this an ideal way to mess with people’s personal data. This was and continues to remain a serious security problem. But then again, people are still using Android like crazy simply because of its versatility. A blessing in disguise? Yes, if you don’t take basic security precautions.
  • Android doesn’t perform security checks and this is why it has a million apps running that simply do not make sense at all. Being a smartphone app development company, we found it to be more pleasant creating iPhone apps rather than Android apps – simply because iPhone follows through a robust quality assurance process and ensures that all apps launched on its market are perfect in quality and functionality.
  • Once more because of its too friendly platform for developers and device manufacturers, there are many sub standard mobile phones out there that are running on the Android platform. These phones hardly offer the user any credible functionality and in turn just make the average user get on an instant “Hate Android” mode.

From what we have noted, where Android is loved for its flexibility and diversity, it is also hated for its lack of security and integrity. But the one main reason it is still hitting the sky with its sales figures is because it is designed for the average public and is not something you have to waste a fortune to experience ;)

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