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iOS Vs Android and Blackberry OS Vs Windows Phone – What’s Your Call? Part 1

iphone android windows blackberry developerWhew! The word, “Brand War” is written all over the planet with these four giant brands competing for the crown of eternal glory. Apparently, the more wars they are waging, the juicier it gets. Awesome devices with high end functionality equipped with stellar designs make this war all the more interesting for the audience. iOS and Android are fiercely battling each other out while Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry are already earning their share of the market with impressive functionality for the former and best data security from the latter. So, without further ado, let’s take a quick glimpse of the good and bad that make up these mobile warlords.

iOS – The Apple Family

When Apple released the first touch screen device in 2007, it set the wheels of a huge mobile revolution in motion. A device that was smart enough to respond to touch gestures and provide you amazing functionalities that was never seen before on conventional mobile phones. iPhone apps were created of various websites, businesses, games and many other items just so that the average user could get access to a high level of functionality through a touch of the screen. From iPhones, came iPads and iPods, each of them functioning on the iOS platform. A huge success within just weeks of its release, the iOS was hailed worldwide.

The Good

- The iOS is derived from the MAC OS X which means it works on a UNIX platform and therefore it incorporates the same features as that of the MAC – except that it’s a touch based OS.

- Applications meant for the iOS is to be developed through the use of a software development kit (SDK) released by Apple.

- The strict environment of the iOS ensures that users have data security and are not affected by malware or spyware as each app is tested before it is allowed to go live.

- There have been five revisions to the OS with the iOS 5 as being the latest of them and incorporating excellent features such as the Game center, notifications tab and a complete syncing feature with all of Apple devices.

- Developers would have to have a license to develop and maintain their apps on the Apple Store which makes it all the better for users to trust apps from the store.
- High end user experience with focus on a fluid interface, user security and only approved/quality tested apps.

The Bad

- A restricted platform that restricts a user from gaining the full advantage of a smartphone.

- No support for Flash neither for theme customization.

- Users have to jail break in order to run apps that are otherwise not functional on the phone.

- Less functionality for the user.

- The demand for iTunes to be installed on your PC for sending/downloading/accessing information online.

- Users cannot copy paste songs or files from their systems directly on to the iPhone, iPod or iPad. That has proved to be quite inconvenient for users who would like to be able to do all that easily.

- An OS platform that cannot be used on any other device apart from the above mentioned Apple devices.

At the end of the day, there are millions of users who don’t mind these flaws and would die to have an iPhone because of its brand power and tightly compact user environment. On the other hand there are millions out there who consider Apple to be a dictator and that isn’t appealing at all. You will hear rants and groans from iPhone users who would find it extremely annoying and hate it with passion. But eventually, its user centric. If you are all cool with these restrictions then sure, go for it – be the iGeneration ;).

Android – The Google Mastermind

So how can Google ever be left behind in a technological revolution! When Apple released its first touchphone – months later Google released its Android OS and that was even a bigger hit than the iOS, so much that today Android has successfully managed to come first in its sales record. But for now…this seems to be an enough read for you…wait more for our part 2 where we bring you in light with our Android superhero ;) Stay posted!

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