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iPhone App Monetization

The iPhone apps market is a lucrative business opportunity just waiting to happen. With iOS downloads surpassing 1 billion, many companies are looking to make their presence felt in the smartphone apps world. Corporate entities are increasingly flocking to iPhone app developers who can get their company on the App Store map.

iPhone Application Monetization

How to get your app on the app store?

There are two ways to get your iPhone app out there:

  • You can hire the services of reputed iPhone app developers (like Social Cubix) to build your mobile app from the ground up. They also take care of marketing and promotional campaigns for you as well.
  • If you happen to be a developer yourself then you can develop your idea into a working app and self-publish it on the App Store.

How can my iPhone app make some money?

By utilizing the power and advantages of an advertising network, your iPhone app can make money for your business in no time.

How does it work?

An advertising network fetches ads from a server online. Keep it in mind that your app should be registered with an advertising network for this to work. These ads are then displayed on a specified area of your app. Your ad revenue is calculated by things – Cost per impressions (CPM) or Click per click (CPC).

Many advertising networks exist, each with their benefits and drawbacks. Here are 2 of the most popular ad networks in use today:


Apple rolled out its own iAds ads platform for developers to utilize. By using iAds, Apple claims that publishers can earn 70% of the revenue generated from ads on its platform. The remaining 30% goes to Apple. Developers should opt for iAds if they want to integrate the ads service easily and seamlessly with their iOS apps.

Pros: Easy to set up with iOS apps.

Cons: Limited to Apple Inc’s iDevices only. Initial ad campaign fee still high compared to others at $100,000.

AdMob Ads

Admob ads are powered by Google’s DoubleClick network. The AdMob SDK can work with both iOS as well as Android devices. It even works on Windows 7 powered devices as well.

Pros: Works with virtually all major app platforms. No fee is required to start your ad campaign.

Cons: iAds pays its developers higher.
iPhone app monetization
Mobile monetization is fast becoming the wave of the future. In this context, it makes sense for businesses to target this particular demographic. For mobile monetization needs, a world-class iPhone app developer like Social Cubix is what you need. Call us today for further details to help your business grow.

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