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Kick Off the New Year with the 10 Best Android Wear Apps

It hasn’t even been a full year, and already Android developers are rising to the occasion and exploring Google’s exciting new wearable platform. The Android 5.0 update also adds a new layer of functionality in the form of Watch Face, which makes your Android Wear Watch look stunning, fashionable, fun and highly useful.

For now, let’s stay on topic and let you in on some of the apps that made Wear’s early months a raving success. At this point, it would be a splendid idea to download the Wear Store app , which lets you find Wear apps on the Google Play Store.

Wear Mini Launcher – Free

Wear Mini Launcher - Free

Practically all Android Wear Apps are launched by voice input, though that might prove to be awkward or inconvenient in some situations. The Wear Mini Launcher app opens your Wear Watch by swiping from the edge of the Wear Watch screen.

All apps are displayed on a two-column grid. Think of it as a Windows Start Menu on your Wear screen.

Find My Phone – Free

Find My Phone – Free

At the very least, an Android Wear Watch is a Bluetooth device connected to your phone. An unexpected disconnection could mean the phone’s been left somewhere without you knowing it.

Find My Phone instantly vibrates to signal an alert that your phone is missing. Launching the app will make your phone ring only if it’s within Bluetooth proximity. Dish out a dollar and you get the full feature suit.

Calendar for Android Wear – Free

Calendar for Android Wear - Free

Want to quickly find out what the date will be next week on any given day? An in-app purchase unlocks detailed calendar views.

Tap on a day and all appointments for the day are displayed. Tap on an appointment and you’ll see relevant details. The numbers on the month view calendar can be quite small for some. Tap on a date and if the watch can’t tell which number it was, a magnified grid pops up to let you choose. The large numbers also make for easy identification of a day’s appointments.

Wear Apps Tracker – Free

Wear Apps Tracker - Free

Android developers are at liberty to package apps with standard Android applications, however, Android Wear does not let you know when new apps are installed. For those among us, who prefer to know beforehand what apps are being installed, Wear Apps Tracker does the trick nicely.

Every time an app is installed, updated or removed, a card notification keeps you in the loop. Currently, there is no app that does this, so Wear Apps Tracker ended up on this list for good reason.

Wear Battery Stats – Free

Wear Battery Stats - Free

Not only does Wear Battery Stats display your watch’s battery life percentage, it also displays a graph showing power usage throughout the day. A few in-app purchases unlock features such as knowing which apps are the most power-hungry.

You also get a notification when battery levels are unfavorably low; the app also estimates when it will drain out completely.

Wear Tip Calculator – Free

Wear Tip Calculator - Free

So you’re out at your favorite restaurant and just had an amazing meal with your friends and family – the bill’s around $90 and there are five of you. Given the 25% tip, how much does each person pay up?

A few taps tells you exactly how much each person needs to pay up, including the tip. Just so you know, the app looks best when displayed on a circular watch. Dragging the marker around the edge of the screen lets you make changes to the bill, add the tip, and then do the split.

The interface is as slick as you can imagine, though the splitting feature is available through a two dollar in-app purchase.

StayLit Wear – $1

StayLit Wear - $1

Android Wear comes with a default screen timeout that’s noticeably short, in order to save battery. However, there are situations where you want to check something on your screen for more than a few seconds, without any tapping whatsoever.

This Wear app extends the screen timeout by a maximum of 30 seconds. Anything higher and you’ll start draining the battery prematurely. Therefore, use it sparingly. Worth mentioning how indispensable this app can be once the need arises.

PixtoCam – $2


Perhaps due to Google Glass perception problems the company faced, support for Android Wear cameras hasn’t been integrated yet. Though your watch can be used as a remote shutter for your phone when taking shots, this isn’t particularly useful in itself.

PixtoCam functions more than just a remote shutter: the viewfinder streams to your watch as you frame shots and capture them right on your wrist. It’s also great for shooting videos and looking behind objects. $2 well worth spending.

Facer – $1


Facer already had Google beat when they were rolling out support for Android Wear Watch Faces.
With this app, you can download, design and personalize a wide variety of Watch Faces. Facer displays analog as well as digital faces with data representing the weather, date or battery level for instance. Once you get the mild learning curve out of the way, you’ll realize how powerful this dollar app really is.

Wear App Manager – $1

Wear App Manager - $1

In no time, you’ll have a bunch of awesome apps installed on your Android Wear Watch. Unfortunately, finding them can prove to be a cumbersome task at times.

For a dollar, you can organize all your installed Wear apps to make for a quick find as and when needed. Some mobile apps also offer Android Wear capabilities such as Netflix or Go SMS Pro. Wear App Manager really shines in this case, as it helps you know which apps in your phone also support Android Watch capabilities.

Launch Wear App Manager and it will list all the installed Wear apps. Tap on any one of the apps and you see a screen that contains information on the app’s size and permissions, along with a Play Store link.

Comment away on your Google Wear experiences. You can also hire our expertise to have your state-of-the-art Android app modeled to exact specs.

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