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Killer Facebook Video Application Ideas for your Brand

Video on internet accounts for some mind-boggling stats. According to YouTube, on average popular video sharing site receives 800 million unique views per month. With 4 billion videos being watched every day, there’s no doubt that marketing companies are focusing their cross-hairs on internet video. And what can be better than that? There’s Facebook with its 450 million daily users.

So what happens when you combine Facebook with video application ideas? A marriage of titanic proportions that makes all the marketing firms giddy with glee.



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Facebook video application ideas are a relatively new concept of marketing. Their untapped potential makes it one of the most potent tools to build up your brand in no time at all.

Here are 3 awesome Facebook video application ideas that can make you a force to reckon with:

1. Montages

People love to create montages of various life events. Know why your company should push out that montage app on Facebook? They’ll never go out of style.

By using photo albums on Facebook, users can put in filters and transition effects to make videos on events such as:

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Graduation
  • Sports Day
  • Family Outings

The potential is limitless for a montage-type Facebook video application. Hire an ace Facebook app developer like Social Cubix to design yours today.

2. DVD Rack

If there’s one thing people love to endlessly debate and gloss over, it’s their favorite flicks. How cool it would be if you could use Facebook for:

  • Designing your own custom DVD shelf with your movies on display.
  • All your favorite movies that redirect to trailers, reviews and other neat extras.
  • Comparing your movies collection with your friends to discover hidden gems or spectacular flops.

You can see how a DVD shelf Facebook app makes your movie preferences more open and social.

3. Video Blog Facebook App

Blogging is popular but video blogging is coming into its own day by day. If you are one of those expressive people with a natural talent for the camera, then why not use Facebook to vidcast your brand? All you need is a webcam to get started with your very own video blog on Facebook.

Share news, insights, travelogues, talents and whatever your imagination cooks up to a global audience on Facebook.

If you are looking for professional Facebook app developers who can help you design your Facebook video application idea, look no further than Social Cubix.

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