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Let The Social Games Begin!

Social networks have unleashed an outbreak of online gaming. Millions of players are glued to playing addictive browser games typically featuring multiplayer and asynchronous gameplay. Why is such gaming growing monstrously is not like uncovering secrets of the Sphinx. People like to play games and it gets more fun when you play with friends and family or when you challenge a pro.

The browser games are growing big, as they can also be implemented on other platforms such as mobile devices, which means you can be challenged on a game wherever you go! Social GamesOne distinct feature any player may find similar to any popular online games is that they are casual, appealing and totally addictive. One of the leading online gaming companies making social network games include Zynga, MegaZebra, Wooga to name a few, with many successful games up their company’s profile. Let’s look at some distinct features such games include that curtail some of the reasons behind their success.

Knitting a Community: Social video games, allows the player to share their gameplay with friends and family. This feature works through the support of the connection via social network hosting the game. Here one gets a chance to interact with players sitting online worldwide.

Virtual Money: Players buy virtual currency by real world money. This empowers them to buy upgrades and allows the player to buy in game purchases for various games. A quick and easy way to finish a game before your friends can!
Nobody loses: Some of the games here never end, instead the players are assigned missions which may go on forever. The USP of the game is to not compete but to simply enjoy the process and to continue playing just for the sheer pleasure it provides.Social Game Multiplpatform Development ComapnyHere we list the top 5 social games that have received best social network game awards:
CastleVille (Zynga Dallas)
Rage Of Bahamut (Cygames/Mobage)
Draw Something (OMGPOP/Zynga)
Empires & Allies (Zynga LA)
The Sims Social (Playfish)

Social games can be most fun to play as it beckons your family and friends to play the game with you sharing your gaming experience with your loved ones. Plus isn’t this the best way to get back at some of the people you can’t seem to beat in real life? Thus get online and let the social gaming begin!

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