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Like-Gating Applications

Like-gatingCreating a Like Gating app is a specialized part of setting up and making Facebook Pages more effective – the more effective your Like Gate is, the more users you will bring on board. Like-Gating is a means through which you can actually compel Facebook users to Like your Page, but not without an incentive, of course. To state it plainly, a well thought out Like Gate will bring in a maximum number of users, and this depends on how smartly you lay out your information and present the incentive. You need to give your potential page members just enough information in order for them to want more. Like-Gating App

Add a “Like Gate” to your pages and get more likes!

- Add a “fan gate” before your quiz, sweepstakes, or contest.

- Users will need to like your Facebook page to access it.

- Creating a compelling app and like-gating it is a great way to grow your number of likes.

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