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Magento – What’s in it for You and your Business

Magent business developerThere have been many platforms for deploying your e-commerce site over the years. Each of them had their pros and cons. For web developers and e-commerce solutions providers, the marketplace was full of options.

Enter Magento, a comprehensive all-in-one enterprise class e-commerce development suite. And it is proving to be a worthy successor to old and outdated e-commerce technologies.

Here’s why web developers are thinking of migrating and building up e-stores to the Magento platform:

It’s free and robust.

Magento developers have access to an open and free community. Any development dead-ends you are bound to get into, an active forum community will be more than happy to answer you and identify your problems.

It’s got SEO-powers baked in.

With support for tags, descriptions, site navigation, excerpts, keywords support, etc. Magento developers can ensure that their sites remain at the top of search engines with maximum efficiency.

Google Analytics plays nice with Magento

You have easy access to Google Analytics-integrated live stats and tracking. Monitoring your site traffic doesn’t get easier than this.
Sales Tracking and Store Tracking functions built in.

This is one of the major features in Magento. Having all your stores use one centralized database makes managing orders and sales a snap. The Magento architecture also doesn’t limit customers and vendors to a specific number of product and services.

Create Multiple sites from one domain.

If you want your website to feature multiple stores for different target markets, Magento makes it happen. Each of your stores can be unique. And best of all, all of this can be done with one Magento installation.

Magento developers are riding on the surge of popularity. As far as hassle-free e-commerce management solutions go, online businesses are finally waking up and implementing Magento-powered stores to future-proof their online operations.

If you are a business hoping to deploy a robust and fully-featured online store, give us a call. Social Cubix’s Magento developers will chart out the perfect e-stores strategy for you in no time.

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