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Today’s mobile industry is about so much more than having phone connectivity. From “custom android applications” that developed to tweet your current location and activity on social media networks, to “native iPhone applications customized per the requirements of particular market segments based on age groups, social groups and even ethnic groups – the mobile scene is literally bursting at the seams with the demand for creative mobile application development.

Also, the dramatic sales boosts seen by Apple’s iPhone over the past half-decade has become increasingly apparent throughout the mobile industry, in general, especially the introduction of the Android mobile platform some years ago. Indeed The ability to run a multitude of cool applications that allow users to depend less and less on their computers and laptops is one of the major selling points used by all brands these days. Mobile Shopping Application DeveloperSubsequently, window shopping for a mobile phone these days usually turns into a crazy jumble of options that has even slightly tech-savvy users thinking in terms of a mobile device, as opposed to a cell phone capable of sending/receiving calls and text messages. And it’s barely surprising now that social network app development is currently the most prevalent trend in mobile application development in general. Interestingly, this brings about the formation of a new job marketplace where the social network game developer works alongside the iPhone game development and android development departments.

Similarly, it’s increasingly easy to come across an Android game developer working in tandem with social network app developers on things such as the integration of mobile usability on a custom Facebook application. Finding all such specialty in one place is the key to getting the perfectly developed application or game, regardless of whether we’re talking about the mobile or web OS. Thus begins the quest for an ideal software development firm that stands the test of excelling equally in social media development, custom web development, mobile application development and game development. And that’s where companies like Social Cubix come in –Social Cubix is a US based Software Development Company that specializes in mobile application development. We take pride in our dedicated social media application and custom application development teams, that collaboratively work with the project management and business development teams in order to ensure that much needed wow factor for all projects and products.

Social Cubix can be reached at their Toll Free number at 866.978.2220, or even via the contact form on their website. Also, Or we’re always happy to receive a scheduled office visit, and can be found during normal business hours at our New York front office: 330 W 38th Street, Suite 506, New York, NY 10018 – USA

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