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Mobile Apps and Car Manufacturers: An Ideal Marriage

“Rise of the planet of the apps” seems like a more apt headline. Mobile apps seem to follow us around every corner these days, no matter what we’re doing. At the drop of a hat, we tend to use them: they keep us informed, entertained and go to great lengths to make our everyday tasks simpler and even fun.

In the world of retail auto manufacturing and sale, great opportunities lie in wait for businesses to harness the potential and power mobile apps place at our fingertips.

Mobile apps are crafting many industries into dominating giants in their own unique way; there’s no reason why auto manufacturers shouldn’t get onboard.

“Mmm, Adapt Mobile You Must”, Says Yoda

Major players like Ford, BMW and Rolls Royce along with several others, have gotten their toes wet in the mobile app waters. Automotive companies use them to better educate clients and even use them as a means of entertaining customer needs and desires.

Toyota for instance, had aimed to launch an automotive mobile app back in late 2011 that allowed consumers to look at 16 new models, with over 130 paintjob options and approach nearby dealers, all by executing a few simple commands on their Smartphones.


Another great app helped Suzuki in a major way to understand how their cars are perceived among a particular demographic, and make adjustments accordingly to better cater to their needs.

One for the Customers

As an auto manufacturer, you should be using mobile apps to improve your service in any way possible. Rolls Royce gives their customers the luxury of customizing the interior and exterior of their cars, through an app. Owners get a complete 360 degree view of their cars inside and out. Pick your color, tire/rim style, interior customization and a host of other cosmetic mods.
According to Juniper Research, mobile app integration is boosting consumer confidence and helping them establish a better connection with their vehicles; it is estimated by 2018, about 269 million vehicles will be “smart” or “connected” in some way, shape or form.

Why Put a Cap on Your Potential?

Most generic automotive apps feature dealer locations, showrooms, pricing and service info, media galleries etc. but it doesn’t have to end there. Volkswagen went on to introduce a little game app, further cementing the love car owners have for their cars.

Embrace the Culture

Google has taken steps in capitalizing on automotive apps by the soon-to-be-introduced Android Auto, which is compatible with nearly all major auto manufacturers. This cool little dash integration was first cooked up by Apple. CarPlay uses your Smartphone to display readouts in your dash and power up in-car entertainment, among other “cool stuff”.

With the way things are moving, car manufacturers may soon be offering customers a default option to choose between Android, iOS or multi-device automotive mobile apps. Tap away on your Smartphone and have your very own sweet and customized ride delivered to your doorstep, or even use apps to automate certain driving aspects. The possibilities are worth exploring and could return profits in huge chunks.

There’s no stopping these tech advancements; your auto manufacturing company can greatly benefit in the process and experience a phenomenal boost in sales, customer service quality and retention. It can also act as a great tool to showcase your automobiles’ strengths and diversity.

We at Social Cubix love our apps. We love tailoring them just the way our clients desire. Are you an aspiring app developer looking to revolutionize the industry? Know anyone who’s looking to get their prized app hand-crafted to perfection? Give us a shout out and share your thoughts.

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