Mobile apps downloaded by OS – Infographic by Social Cubix - Development Company

Mobile apps downloaded by OS – Infographic by Social Cubix

Billions of people are downloading apps all over the world. We here at Social Cubix covered an in-depth info graph on Mobile apps. The number of people using them graphs on the widely popular app development platforms, to cover market trends and consumer habits.

Here we also show a global review forecasting the growth in the app industry from 2012 to 2017. Market shares of popular mobile platforms and a pie chart depicting the percentage of users worldwide. It’s always great to have an overview and here we provide the essentials for a better understanding. Mobile Apps by OSThe above info Graph represents an enormous rise in the downloads of Mobile apps. We here at Social Cubix are an expert with all the application development platforms. Be it to promote your business or to launch your dream apps. Allow us to provide you a chart topper app today!

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