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Mobile Dating Applications – A Serious Business Indeed

Mobile Dating AppDid you know there is an app for finding love? Or rather a treasure trove of apps, all dedicated for making it easy for you to get back into the dating game.

Feeling intrigued? Read on for how serious a business mobile dating apps are.

But first, some impressive stats for those who are skeptical of the very notion of digital dating. A study conducted by online dating site Skout found a whopping 69% of the respondents open to the idea of meeting their chosen one on their iPhones. That’s right. Your smartphone fling has presented app makers with some pretty zany ideas.

So for the romance-seekers on the go, here are some excellent and unique dating apps:

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1. Are You Interested (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Facebook)

The best dating app in the US certainly deserves its top billing in the mobile dating circuit – 750,000 registered users on the iPhone, a multi-platform app user base and some 49 million web users. Finding that perfect date is what Are You Interested does best. App features include real-time video chat streaming capabilities that also lets you share snapshots as well.

Android Dating App Developers

2. OkCupid Locals (iPhone, Blackberry)

OkCupid is an 8-million strong dating app that combines the best features of location-based app foursquare with Twitter-style broadcasting. Using OkCupid is simple enough – the user broadcasts their intention and meeting place that like-minded users can hop in on.

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3. Match Mobile (iPhone, Android, iPad and Blackberry)’s mobile dating app is wildly popular amongst the rest. Not only does the app let you wink and flirt on the move, it also features easy syncing and photo changing options. reports an estimated 32% of their subscribers landing their next dates whilst using their smartphone app versions.

iPhone Dating App Developer

4. Skout (iPhone and Android)

So you want to have the safest and trouble-free mobile dating app? Skout is exactly what your heart desires. Skout’s flagging services lets you separate the wheat from the chaff and ensures the smoothest date finding services. If that wasn’t enough to sway you lovebirds out there, theres also a raft of free features like private chat, private blog, flirt buzz (for that extra pizzazz) and search filters.

As you can see, every dating app out there sets itself apart from the rest of the wolf pack. With online dating services estimating the bulk of their subscribers going mobile, now’s the perfect time for dating apps. We at Social Cubix can take care of your mobile app development needs. Ring us today and avail our second-to-none smartphone app design services in no time.

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