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Mobile Gaming Apps are Gaining Popularity

mobile game developmentThe smartphone era has introduced us with different kinds of mobile application because of which today people can use their phones for more than just communicating.

Currently the app world is dominated by mobile gaming and quite precisely a research shows how 24 of the top 25 earning developers in the major app stores are all gaming companies.

Gaming Companies Making it Big

Yes that’s right today there are more than 700,000 applications in the world out of which majority are designed by developers who belonged to popular gaming companies such as Zynga, Gameloft, Kabam, Rovio, Electronic Arts, Disney and Storm 8’s TeamLava.

These developers account for around $60 million of the total app store revenue generated which is a hell load of money.

The Strategy they Adopt

On further examination, most of these gaming companies have focused and set up multiple games all of which generated significant amount of revenue for developerZynga can be taken as a prime example as it had around 15 developed games in the list of top 300 daily grossing iPhone apps while it maintained nine games on a similar list in Google Play.

What determines the efficiency of this strategy is the fact that of the 300 paid apps in the Google Play and Apple Store 116 and 145 of them respectively were gaming apps.

So what Do these Stats Indicate?

In short these stats point out one thing, that today game development companies are prevailing in the app market.
We can take an example of Social Cubix a leading app development company based in North America, which has developed more than 500 iPhone, iPad and android games out of which many have gone on to hit the top in the App Store.

Gaming apps are definite a hit provided that you are a gaming company, therefore our team at Social Cubix is vital for your app to reach the top.

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