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Mobile Gaming – Why It’s a Multibillion Dollar Industry

Mobile Game DevelopmentYou see people on subways, buses, in restaurants and many other public spots that are highly engrossed with their mobile devices. If you are wondering what’s keeping them so preoccupied then these 2 words will explain all – mobile gaming.

That’s right. People of all ages just can’t live without a healthy dose of mobile games these days. To know how big of a phenomenon gaming on mobile devices is here’s an interesting factoid – mobile game developers netted $9 billion in revenues in 2011. And, the mobile gaming industry is poised to grow to $18 billion by 2014. That’s a 16.6% increase in year by year growth according to research reports.

So why are mobile game developers in for reaping a healthy harvest? Here’s why:

The App Store and Google Play model just plain works.

The relative success of the App Store in developed as well as developing regions speaks for itself. The business models associated with mobile game monetization are now tried and tested. The aspiring mobile game developer is now more confident of making it big on the mobile gaming arena.

Smartphones are now more within the reach of our wallets.

No matter what type of market we talking about, increased mobile penetration and service delivery is driving up game downloads. All of that boils down to one factor – affordability. Thanks to Android’s open source and accommodating platform, the sales of smartphones are on the upside. With something for everybody, developing regions like Brazil, India, Mexico, Mexico and Russia are driving up smartphone volume and mobile gaming revenues. And the icing on the cake? Data services tariffs are declining.

Mobile Games are now viewed as potent marketing and advertising tools by themselves.

Mobile game developers should be mindful of delivering only the perfect games for their customers. A mobile game tells a lot about a mobile developer. If your game proves to be a runaway success, consider it a big boost to your brand name.

Mobile Gaming DevelopmentCustomizing a game for a brand is costly. But when done right, a mobile game developer can earn a lot of goodwill and customer loyalty that is essential to becoming a trusted brand.

Yesterday’s mobile devices were clunky, cumbersome and limited in all aspects. Today’s mobile devices are at the forefront of innovation in graphics, sounds, processing speed and many other respects. This makes them a perfect foil for delivering cutting-edge and addictive gaming experiences to a wide audience. Mobile gaming is big and its only going to get bigger.

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