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Mobile Marketing: Stats All Businesses Ought to Know

For just about any business today, it has become an absolute must to have a robust and prominent online presence. Being said, is your organization up to the task when it comes to dealing with the demands of mobile marketing?

Here are five crucial stats every mobile business should know.

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1. A “Responsive” Website


The foundation for your online marketing drive largely rests on a modern-looking, sleek and accessible website design. In today’s digital mobile age, your website needs to be mobile-responsive – users should have no issues viewing your website on their smartphones or tablets, even though websites are originally designed for traditional desktop computers.

The same functionality users expect on their desktop PCs needs to be present verbatim on mobile devices.

2. Mobile Devices Dominate


In recent years, mobile usage has risen dramatically across all demographic audiences. According to a December 2014 survey, the number of smartphone users is expected to go past the 2 billion mark in 2016.

Just about every adult in the US uses a smartphone, using their devices on an average of about 3 hours a day, according to digital analytics from Flurry. Mobile adoption continues to grow and outpace desktop PCs at a blinding pace. It’s changing how people see and interact with the web.

Tablets and smartphones have revolutionized the way people acquire information on products and services, including a higher tendency to make purchases.

3. Mobile Searchers are Huge Prospects


People spend a reasonable amount of time on their mobile devices every day. There is no place on the planet, indoors or outdoors, where you won’t see people tapping and swiping away on their smartphones and tablets.

According to a Marin Software report, consumers are expected to continue brand engagement through mobile ads and purchase more through their devices. Advertisers and marketers everywhere need to get on the bandwagon and take full advantage of this trend.

When you connect the dots, it’s a no-brainer that having a robust and mobile-optimized presence is absolutely essential in order to market your business, particularly to local audiences.

According to this report, 79% of mobile users use their smartphones/tablets to do local searches. To get business-related information, users are also taking advantage of mobile maps. They use maps to get a fix on the operational hours (56%), offers on coupons (37%), reviews and ratings (33%), brand items and services (26%), and finally, the website (24%). Your listing should contain all this information.

4. Make Use of Mobile Advertising


All businesses looking to stay in the same competitive pool as the top mobile brands need to take advantage of cost-effective as well as highly fixated mobile marketing on platforms like Google and Facebook – both are industry giants when it comes to mobile advertising.

5. Claim and Manage Business Listings


Here’s one way of making sure your business shows up in maps, apps and top mobile searches: claim and manage your business listings. In addition, they should be kept up to date at all times so that you can take advantage of sites like Yahoo!, Yelp or Citysearch.

Are you reaching out to existing and prospective audiences through mobile? What trends are you following or foresee in the near future?

Share your thoughts below or get in touch with our dev team directly.

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