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Musicians Find More Value on Facebook

Musicians believe Facebook Likes are 3 times more valuable connections on other social networks, according to a survey by ReverbNation and Digital Music News.

The survey asked more than 2,000 musicians to think about the value of various social connections – Facebook Likes, mailing list subscribers, Twitter followers, among others – and distribute 100 points amongst them to indicate relative value. Facebook came out far ahead of other social networks, likely because of its ability to share a range of media types with fans and their friends.

Musicians have long been active on social networking sites and they account for some of the most popular pages on Facebook. The 250 most popular artists on Facebook have a combined total of more than 2 billion Likes, according to recent information provided by RootMusic, makers of BandPage. Of those artists, 89% use music apps on their pages and 88% add new content to their Wall each week. On average, the Top 250 artists each post to their pages 1.6 times a day.

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