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Our Top 7 App Picks, Mid-March Issue

It’s that time of month again when we unveil our top seven mobile app picks.

Let the good times roll!

1. VLC for Android Beta


Right off the bat, you probably won’t notice any of the glitz or glamour found in other media players; however, VLC for Android Beta is pretty much a no-nonsense, fairly basic kind of media player that runs virtually any media file you can imagine.

Since it’s still in Beta form, you may come across an occasional bug or two, though we tested it out for hours and didn’t come across any. It remained steady as a rock throughout as a variety of files were run and streamed from all over our workspace.

2. TuneIn Radio – Android, iOS


Who wouldn’t mind having a global radio right at their fingertips, streaming songs from over 100,000 stations around the globe? Whatever kind of music you’re into, it’s almost a surefire thing you’re going to find it on a radio station that’s dedicated to your preferred music genre.

No need to worry about messing around with knobs; the app’s interface is easy and straightforward. Just tap on your touch screen to make the necessary adjustments, and you’re set.

3. Meerkat – iOS


Everyone from regular folks and real estate people to celebrities like Tony Hawk and Ashton Kutcher are using Meerkat.

The app’s ease of use and instant sense of gratification are among the key things that make it a pick this month. Meerkat lets you stream high-quality live video from your phone and there’s no limit on the streaming time.

Once you started steaming, the app would automatically integrate with Twitter to announce the stream there along with a link; unfortunately, users now get to enjoy this privilege in a somewhat limited way. Also an Android version is in the works which should be out in a matter of months. You can read about both developments here.

Meerkat was also a rave hit at the highly influential South by Southwest (SXSW) festival this month in Austin, Texas.

4. Unclouded – Android


At some point you might have used Dropbox, BOX or Google Drive, excellent cloud storage services. However, at times your files might get spread over a variety of sites and services.

Unclouded saves the day by giving you a clear overview of all your cloud storage accounts. You can conveniently locate your files, see the amount of space they are occupying and even locate any possible duplicate files. Managing cloud storage is quite simply a breeze.

5. Pushbullet – Android, iOS


Pushbullet is a productivity app that helps you check out your smartphone notifications and messages on your desktop PC. Got an incoming text while you’re working on something important? No problem; view it right on your PC screen without ever glancing at your smartphone or reaching for it.

That’s not all – you also get to send files from your PC to your phone. No longer do you have to email links to yourself just to open them from your smartphone. The app’s link sharing features take care of it.

6. GIF Camera – Android, iOS


We all love watching goofy GIFS, don’t we? Yes, we do! These short “loopy” clips have been much celebrated over the internet for as long as we can remember.

GIF Camera makes it really easy to make your very own – create GIFs using videos and photos from your smartphone. Share them all over social media to claim certain bragging rights over the internet!

7. Umano – Android, iOS


Ever wonder what it might be like to have your favorite book, magazine or article read to you through audio?

As we were playing around with Umano, we discovered it may truly be among the best content platforms currently available; don’t have time to catch up on the latest news update, article or blog post? Umano sports the largest collection of free audio articles you might find. Listen to the latest piece of news or blog post update while on the go.

What has your experience been while using these apps? Got a suggestion or two? Leave them in the comments section below. You can also get in touch with our mobile app dev team; if you happen to be a mobile developer, we might feature your app in the upcoming late-March issue.

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