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Our Top 7 Apps Picks – April Issue #1

Spring is upon us! Tis’ a glorious season indeed, though some of us are already getting used to the warm and humid weather that follows. Have some cold lemonade to take your mind off the humid spell and enjoy the first half of our top 7 app picks this month.

Prey – Android, iOS


Can’t find your phone? I bet you’re going to wish you had Prey installed.

Prey’s tracking abilities lets it use your phone’s GPS to signal its precise location. You can also text your phone to switch it off and even notify you if the SIM card is replaced.

The app’s camouflage mode keeps your phone safe from hackers. Another useful feature is the remote alarm trigger.

Infinit – Android, iOS


Infinit is perfect for sharing fairly large audio and video files through your phone. The best part? There’s no compromise at all in quality due to compression.

You can also choose to accept files through the Infinit desktop app.

Banjo – Android, iOS


You have got to have Banjo if you’re looking for an all-access pass to breaking news from around the globe and live events.

Social posts are flagged from your favorite networks, sorted by locations, and the app displays what it would be like to be there, live.

Browse breaking news, sports or music. Explore real-time posts from people who are actually there. Get on-the-ground views of any place or event.

Secret – Android, iOS


Remember the biggest lie you’ve ever told? Ever think about what you’d do if it were your last day on the planet?

In Secret, you are free to be yourself. Learn to express yourself in interesting ways. Explore a diverse range of topics, while giving your opinions and meeting new people.

Make anonymous posts to your friends and other people nearby. Posts come from your community but you’ll never know who it is. You can chat privately with anyone and make new friends along the way.

djay FREE – Android


Get this app to transform your phone into a full-featured DJ system. Sporting seamless integration with Spotify and the music on your phone, djay gives you the tools to mix your songs and playlists in an instant.

Create loops, perform live and apply mind-boggling real-time FX. You don’t have to be a professional DJ to get the most out of djay; as long as you love playing with music, you’ll get the most powerful DJ experience on your smartphone.

Etsy – Android, iOS


Looking for unique gift ideas? Buy beautiful gifts and find favorites with this app. Whether you’re waiting in line, going to work or waiting for your dish to cook, use Etsy whenever you feel like to shop for favorites.

Mark your favorites and manage lists as you browse. Revisit them later at your convenience. Etsy curates recommendations that are tailor-made to your preferences.

No matter where you are, check out Etsy’s marketplace to connect with people from around the globe to buy and sell unique as well as highly sought-after items.

IF – Android, iOS


Ever heard of “if this then that”? IF by IFTTT lets you create powerful statements using just that.

Activate services like Dropbox, Facebook and Gmail or devices such as Fitbit and Nest Thermostat, to find interesting and countless ways of automating your life.

For example, you can set the app to “IF photo posted on Instagram THEN share it on Twitter”. Or “IF I’m near home THEN turn the lights on”.

Downright brilliant!

Give our devs a shoutout to have a chance of getting your app featured in our next April issue. Till then, live well!

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