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Our Top 7 Apps Picks – April Issue #2

We thought we’d make our end-April issue a little exclusive and focused towards SME mobile apps.

Check out our top seven app picks to boost productivity, help devise better business strategies, and improve security within your SME.

Evernote – iOS, Android


Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the king of note-taking apps?

Evernote makes it all so seamless and effortless – keeping track of business trips, marking web pages as favorites while you research online, or simply sharing notes with your co-workers.

Use Evernote to save all your thoughts, photos and notes, or anything that you upload to the cloud for that matter. You have access to it from your smartphone, tablet or a point of access that has an internet connection.

No matter how organized (or disorganized) you are, Evernote’s flexibility brings a strange kind of peace into your work flow.

Salesforce – iOS, Android


Staying on top of all stock and sales-related activity is a top priority for any SME.

Through Salesforce you can do so much more – identifying long-term trends to make better informed strategic decisions, for example. Real-time data lets you determine if a particular range of product or service isn’t doing well, so you can take appropriate actions.

This accumulation of sales data lets you realign or better focus your current offers in a proven and evidence-based manner.

HipChat – iOS, Android


Make it easy on your entire team so they can message one another or chat in groups.

As is the case with most private messaging apps, HipChat does not require a server. Boost productivity as you help every member of your team communicate more efficiently.

As an SME owner, you have got to try HipChat – it is ideal for engineers, developers, and IT as well as R&D teams. Some of the top companies today including Netflix and Dropbox are on HipChat.

Lookout – iOS, Android


Guarding all your devices against malware, spyware, data loss and loss/theft is a high-priority concern for any SME.

Lookout offers protection against all these threats. The premium version offers extra benefits – remote locking and wiping features, in addition to advanced backup options for call history and photos.

To give you a more detailed breakdown: programs and downloads are scanned for malware, while websites are scanned for phishing or other threats. All your call logs, photos and contacts are backed up, so you can find a lost device if the need arises. The app even snaps a “thiefie” which is sent to you through email.

In addition, you also get to see which applications can access the info stored on your phone.

Any.do – iOS, Android


Conveniently add daily to-dos with this app.

Scratch “done” items off your list or have them deferred to another day.

This freedom of moving your tasks around lets you easily get things done even if they’re moved ahead by a couple of hours to accommodate your schedule.

Check out Cal from the same developer, which easily lets you sync tasks and events with Any.do.

LinkedIn Pulse – iOS, Android


Interested in getting the very latest news from trend-setters and thought leaders? Of course you are! What SME owner wouldn’t be?

Personalize your reading experience by short listing only the type of content you’re looking for in order to better run your business.

You don’t even need to be online all the time – load up all your stories in advance and read them offline when you get around to it.

CompTIA CertMaster – iOS, Android


New knowhow and technical mastery always allows your business to branch out into relative unknown but potentially high-profit streams.

This e-learning app provides a highly cost-effective way of acquiring new and relevant skills.

CompTIA CertMaster is aimed at the IT industry and helps SMEs drastically cut down the time it takes to have command over new business certifications.

Help groom your workforce in terms of eliminating weaknesses, and improving confidence as well as short-term memory.

We hope you enjoyed this SME-focused April edition. Get in touch with our app developers to discuss your SME mobile project or simply win a chance to have your mobile app featured in our next May issue.

Till then, cheers!

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