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Our Top 7 App Picks – March Issue #2

What a great month it’s been. Summers are almost around the corner, and we’ve picked seven more sought-after apps to commemorate it!

1Password – Android, iOS

Never deal with the frustration of losing or forgetting a password again.

1Password tucks away all your logins, credit card details and passwords in one place, so you’re not tasked with constantly keeping a check on them.

Its iOS 8 app extension lets you enter all passwords and login details internally with Safari and your personal favorite apps – all this is done by simply using your phone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Gorilla Workout – Android, iOS


Don’t feel like dishing out cash on a personal trainer or investing in a gym membership? You don’t even need equipment at home to take advantage of Gorilla Workout’s customized exercise regimens that are based on your individual goals and skill level.

You get a set of exercises to do each day, which zero in on separate muscle groups – work towards building muscle, losing weight or boosting energy. There are hundreds of regimens to sift through which require no equipment at all. Ah, but we already mentioned that!

CamCard Lite – Android, iOS


Despite how far things have come technology-wise, the trend of exchanging business cards at meetings and networking events is alive and thriving.

Cards get exchanged back and forth and some also get lost when you need them the most. This app allows you to take a snap of the business card and saves every detail in its Card Holder or your default Address Book.

You don’t even have to worry about accidentally deleting contact information as you can save it all in the cloud and restore cards as well.

Clear – iOS


Looking to be more productive? Clear, a gesture-based app, lets you swish, tap and flick your way to accomplishing certain tasks. Think Minority Report.

Clear for the iPhone 6 is even simpler than ever to use and is a significantly more powerful tool than the standard Reminders app.

Storehouse – iOS


Ever felt like turning your videos and photos into compelling stories? Storehouse lets you do just that. Originally designed for the iPad, Storehouse has been especially optimized for the iPhone 6 – your content looks more breathtaking than ever.

Evernote Scannable – iOS


Are you an Evernote user who needs to scan documents on the go? Even if you’re not, you will really appreciate this app for the mere usability and ease-of-use it offers.

Conveniently get high-quality scans of multiple documents.

Litely – iOS


Not all of us have the tools or prowess of a pro photographer. But that shouldn’t stop us from taking our very own dream shots. Litely lets you take advantage of professional-grade photo filters. You can make smart adjustments in order to tweak temperature, contrast, shadows and highlights.

Did we leave out any super-worthy mentions? Let us know below. To have your app features in our next April issue, leave a comment or talk to us directly.

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