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Ouya Games Console is Good news for Android Game Developers

ouya developersHave you heard of Ouya – the Android games console that is coming to a living room near you? After a successful Kickstarter funding campaign the Ouya games console project is ready to lift off the socks of the Android games development community.

Here’s a refresher course for those not in the know about the hottest tech news this past month. The Ouya is a hardware games console that is powered wholly by the Android OS. It aims to shake up the video games industry with its starting price of $100 at launch. It was designed by noted designer Yves Béhar. It is expected to go on sale on Dec 1 2012.

The Hardware and Software Specs

Android game developers, the Ouya is more of a traditional hardware games console with cutting edge specs.

  • Android OS Version – Jelly Bean
  • Display Output – 720p, 1080i and 1080p for true Hi-Definition experience
  • Controllers – Standard Gamepad with Hardware buttons + Touchpad
  • Soft Keyboard Support for Text Input

The Payment Model

This is where the Ouya aims to disrupt the traditional business model of the video games business. From the moment it was announced, the minds behind Ouya wanted to usher in the freemium model of revenue generation – games that are free-to-play but come up with neat extras to expand your core gameplay experience. Android game developers can add in-app purchasing options for new stages, powers, bonuses, characters and pretty much everything they wish to make the game experience more value-added for their customers.

As a way to get skeptical Android game developers onboard,  ‘Developers can also follow a model that provides users with a free demo before the paid experience begins,’ according to Ouya’s Raffi Bagdasarian said.

The first hardware dev kits are expected to ship in line on Dec 1. Ouya founder Julie Uhrman assured backers and supporters of the potential of ushering in a new age of Android gaming.

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