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Video Contest DeveloperWith over 2 billion video views per day and over 35 hours of footage uploaded every minute, video streaming is king on the internet. With such impressive stats, many marketers are hoping to leverage the power of social media and video to design awe-inspiring video contests.

Brands are always looking out for a popular trend to maximize their appeal. Video Contests are proving to be the newest tool in brand marketing arsenal. Here are the most common types of formats that make up a video contest:

Shoot and Share ‘Snippets’ of your video

  • A very short video with a runtime from 5 seconds to 5 mins has a significant chance of going viral.
  • It should be suitable for any place be it home, mobile or even work for maximum outreach.
  • Snippets are social in nature and are ripe for mass sharing and peer referrals on social media networks.
  • Snippets are amateurish content-wise and perfect for entertainment, discovery and experimentation.
  • Can contain interactive elements that make it more viral.

A snippet is perfect for the first timer. Short and brief, it should also capture the viewer’s imagination in the shortest time possible. They are ultimately time-wasters though.

“Boutique” Shots

  • A mini-video that has a runtime of 2 to 5 mins.
  • Boutique shots are informative and task-driven in nature.
  • Very informative at highlighting important issues that we are confronted with everyday.
  • They are up to the point and contain no distractions and interactive elements.
  • Many video contests that are NGO and charity-oriented use the boutique format to highlight social issues.

Video Contest DevelopmentsDue to their longer length, boutique video shots have trouble keeping the viewer’s interest. Its better suited for video professionals to utilize this format.

These two formats are suited for different audiences. If your video contest is supposed to be open to all and fun, its best to stick with the snippet format. If your video contest calls for approaching the subject matter with professionalism and care, opt for the boutique format.

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