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Polymer – The Most Addictive iPhone Puzzle Game

Polymer Application DeveloperLooking for an addictive iPhone puzzle game? Make sure you try out Polymer – currently, the most popular puzzle game onboard! Filled with colorful graphics and awesome dynamics, it’s a simple game that gets you literally addicted. It’s not exactly a puzzle game, but more of a shape creating game that works with the collaborative concepts of Rubiks Cube and Chuzzle along with a bit of Lego. Whew! That’s quite a lot mix into one. Alright, so to cut the story short, here’s a quick review of the game and its features!

Game Play Strategy

The game play is pretty simple. You will be having a number of graphical pieces spread across a grid. Your job is to match those pieces together and form a pattern. The better you form patterns, the more will be your score! Simple ain’t it? Like they say, the simpler the strategy, the more addictive it is.

Features of the Game:

The game has the following important features:Puzzle iPhone Application

  • A three game play mode:

    - A Two Minute mode: It’s fast paced and has to be completed within two minutes.

    - One Polymer: It’s at normal mode where you can take your time in completing tasks.

    - Bombs: You have to destroy all those bombs with good pattern matching skills.

  • There are a number of color schemes that you can choose to play with and as they are pretty colorful, you sure will have loads of fun.
  • You can tweet your polymers and show them off to all your friends!
  • Integration with Game Center for storing scores and achievement records.
  • Loads of customization features for you to benefit from!

Conclusion: Want to feel the good old days of the Rubix Challenge? Leave the cube and get on to the touch! Play with the Polymer and get addicted. See Live

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