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Prerequisites for Launching your Mobile App in Style

Launch Mobile AppWe have all experienced it firsthand. The most popular mobile apps are those which make a hell of a debut. People rush out to try it and are busy referring it to their peers and pals.

What goes into making a mobile app the darling of the tech world? What tips and tricks do mobile app developers use to make us use their app so passionately?

It all boils down to pre-release efforts and today we are going to take a look at how to make your mobile app a potential breakout hit.Creating mobile app

Pitch your App Perfectly

Know how to underline the key features and benefits of your app. A pitch is different from a press release in many ways. It allows you more options and creativity in selling your app to the people. Here’s how you design the perfect pitch:

  • Make various versions – one line, one paragraph, multiple paragraphs. See what is catchy and what totally nails it.
  • Your pitch should be concise – no extended explanations, it should be very up-to-the-point and say more in few words.
  • Don’t overpromise. And stay truthful. You don’t want to mislead your consumers at all.

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Design Your App Perfectly

Great design makes people want to try out your mobile app. Designers should take into consideration some important factors that can make or break their app:

  • Branding is important. Your company logo needs to establish a connection between you and the users. You can choose to include it in your app and essentially promote yourself in the process. Keep in mind it should be totally unobtrusive.
  • The App Icon is what most users will fall on to make conclusions about your mobile app. An attractive app icon should not only sit pretty, it should also compel users to use your app more often. If your app icon is ugly no one will even think twice about downloading your app.
  • Make a blockbuster Youtube video feature. The proof is in the pudding. In the case of mobile apps, the proof is in the function(s). Make a video that pitches your app features and visuals just right. Think of Youtube as a platform for airing a commercial for your app.

So there you have it. If you want to make award-winning mobile apps for your brand, then perhaps it’s time to engage with the best in the mobile apps development business? Call Social Cubix today at 866-978-2220 and pitch your app ideas. Here at Social Cubix we turn your ideas into reality.

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