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Rack up Your Earnings with These Money Minting Mobile Apps

Tired of dealing with humongous iTunes charges on your credit card? Between music and app purchases, your phone most likely costs you more than your monthly plan.

Well, fret not O’ frugal user, the apps featured in this article will actually pay YOU for using them. Talk about the ol’ switcheroo.


This app pays you moolah to take pictures of receipts, yours that is. You need to follow three simple steps:

  • Sign up for a free Ibotta account with a name and email add.
  • Download the app; click on “Rebates”.
  • Now you’ll see plenty of rebates you can exploit. For instance, I’m looking at the app right now and it’s offering me 50 cents to upload a receipt of some chocolate bars I brought earlier. A Best Buy receipt upload will get me a $10 rebate. I mean… woo hooo, right?

Now this doesn’t mean you go all ape crazy on buying stuff that’s useless, since you’ll find lots of rebates on stuff you’re already purchasing. Not only that, you can also stack up regular coupons along with the rebate – the savvy among us will be getting free stuff.

i-Say Mobile

The name lpsos might ring a bell; it’s the same company that does the polling during presidential campaigns.

This paid survey app can bag you as much as $95 with some of its top-end surveys, although to be frank, that is rare, and the surveys take a while to complete. However, the bulk of surveys take 15 minutes tops, and you’ll bag a dollar or two in the process. Not a bad deal.

The i-Say app also rewards points that can be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon, Paypal or iTunes; i.e. you can redeem a thousand points for $10 worth of Paypal. Just follow the app link, fill out relevant details and you’ll be given a link to download the app.

Nielsen Homescan

This might sound too good to be true, maybe even a bit crazy, but this app pays you to scan your groceries. Sign up to become a Nielsen Homescan member, and the company sends you a free scanner, and by the way, this is the same company responsible for tracking TV ratings, just so you know. Alternatively, you can also use a smartphone.

When you’re shopping, simply scan barcodes on the back of products and send that data to Nielsen. Scans get you gift points which can be used to redeem different kinds of merchandise.

You can select between jewelry, electronics, household items as well as kids’ toys. The more time you spend on the panel, the more you increase your chances of earning points towards prizes, which include vacations, money and even brand new vehicles.


This app as been around pretty much since the dawn of the internet, though they just released a rad new app that pays you to play games, do web searches and take surveys.

Not only is it free to download but get this: they pay you $5 to sign up. Spend only a couple of hours in the app, and you’d probably have earned at least $30, in which case you can get your payment through check. The cash out process takes about 2 weeks, but I’ll say what a swell way to make money off the internet, or more appropriately, through this app.

Receipt Hog

This one is somewhat similar to Ibotta – take snaps of your receipts and you get rewards with points which are used to redeem for Amazon gift cards or Paypal.

The underlying difference is you don’t need to buy or shop at specific places. Take a snap of your receipts, and you get reward points. On one hand, it’s nice to be able to earn points from shopping anywhere, though it might take you significantly longer to cash out, in contrast to Ibotta.

Have you used any of these apps before? Did we miss a few worthy mentions? Let us know! You can also contact the Social Cubix app developers directly just to discuss ideas and whatnot.

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