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Recent fan page make over – Brand Timeline

For the doubters of Social Media and its import to today’s businesses, there is one more chance to be won over with Facebook’s recent fan page make over. The new changes provide compelling reasons for brand to seriously consider social media, especially on Facebook as part of their larger marketing strategy. The Internet is already replete with success stories from brands and small businesses on how they’ve been able to achieve tangible results, translatable to revenue all from social media marketing efforts on Facebook but these new changes give brands even greater visibility and flexibility than they’ve ever had before.

Brand Timeline is the latest addition to the brand empowerment tools that Facebook currently offers businesses. Similar to the regular user’s timeline in structure and initial acceptance, the brand timeline and it’s changes will become mandatory by March 31st so it behooves brands not just to familiarize themselves with these changes but to leverage them in promoting their brands more meaningfully than they’ve been used to. We will go over very briefly, the chief changes that timeline comes with and how brands take advantage of the changes.

Cover Picture:
A picture is worth a thousand words and in this case a large picture for that matter. The new timeline page allows brands to make a very compelling welcome statement with a header picture. The picture, which can be used in high resolution, allows brands to “speak” to the audience in one glare.Timeline Application Developer Brands need to make sure that the picture they put up is not only inviting but also used to communicate what the brand is about. No boring pictures please but at the same time, let’s not go overboard with pictures that lack any relevance to the brand message.

Private Engagements:
Ok has your brand been a victim of an angry fan that just spams your wall because that is the only way they feel they can get audience from the company? Well with the new page-messaging feature, fans can at least, attempt to send a message to the brand before spamming their walls. This will allow brands to interact one on one with fans and help them provide better customer support (for those that care and have the bandwidth to respond to fan messages). Still it is a welcome change for many fans that feel that the brand pages are just for decoration and fun without and feedback channels.

Oh no, the pretty default landing pages are gone!
Amongst a few not very much liked changes is the removal of the default landing page which brands were previously able to set and forcefully get likes from ‘like gating’. This is gone and probably the biggest change with the new timeline page. What used to allow fans to immediately engage with their fans on campaigns of interest is gone. Current campaign discovery is now a bit limited but with the excellent layout, campaigns can be shown in boxes right under the large image. Once users get used to the new layout, they shall be able to discover new campaigns readily. Also, brands can use the big picture to communicate campaigns that they wish to promote above others.

Pinterest what?
A feature that is gaining traction amongst users and businesses alike, is the pinning feature. This allows you to use the yellow marker at the top of the page to ‘pin’ content that you want to appear at the top of the brand’s timeline whenever you visit. Sometimes a brand may have so many content packets that interest different people and scrolling through the timeline can be laborious so this makes perfect sense to “bookmark” a timeline page entry such as images, blog posts or even a call to action to a prominent position.

Tab Visibility
As mentioned earlier, tabs positioning has also been redefined from their previous left alignment to a more centered position right below the cover picture. Facebook Timeline App DeveloperApart from the discovery issue highlighted above, it is a welcome change since it gives prominence to the tabs the brands wants rather than the “link-like” tab structure that was sort of bland. This will give brands more creative freedom to distinguish their tabs completely from others even before the user clicks them.

Fatter App Space
With the old page layout, brands were allowed 520 px (width) of app space to showcase their applications. This was pretty limiting for apps that wanted more horizontal space either to display content or to give the page visitor a better user experience. Now with the new timeline page, page applications (liked from the tab boxes) can now be built to cover 810 px of horizontal space. Now that’s a generous allotment which should make brands happy. With the new size, designs shouldn’t feel tacky and the user experience should be better than what it used to be with the limiting 520 px space.

Facebook has been though many API and structure changes that have affected users, developers and marketers alike and this is no exception in terms of the angst from some users. The change however, comes with a solid structure which some would argue still keeps Facebook as a respectable platform to establish your brand on. The new timeline if well utilized can help promote brand visibility and the fan-brand engagement experience. For a free consultation on how to give your brand the boost it needs using the new timeline page, contact Social Cubix at 1.866.978.2220 or

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