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Referral Marketing: 10 Killer Plugins to Boost Sales

Ask yourself: what do you trust more, something displayed on an ad banner or your friends’ words? If that weren’t enough, research also proves people are generally more likely to trust recommendations from folks they know rather than ads displayed through a search engine.

‘Word of mouth’ is the oldest and probably the best way to directly reel in more customers to your business. Think about it: you are being referred fresh customers by people who are already paying you happily for a service.

Let’s take you through the ten best referral plugins to target prospective audiences and convert them to customers.

Affiliate & Referral


This plugin extends your WordPress website with a highly effective referral system. Once activated, users can refer your website to whoever they please. You can also view details so as to who and how many users registered, simply after integrating a shortcode on one of your pages.

WordPress Affiliate & Referral is among the best and most cost-effective affiliate and referral plugin currently available. It is a highly viable option for tracking and offering statistics, in addition to shortcodes for all your referrals.


Shorten links by using your own domain name instead of using a link shrinking service. Pretty Link Lite creates clean links, tracks each hit on your web URL and gives you a fully detailed report on the origins of the hit – the who and where.

This is a super duper plugin if you want to clean up affiliate links, keep a check on clicks coming from emails as well as links on Twitter to come to your own domain, or increase your website presence by distributing these links on forums, for example.



Reach out to prospective customers by taking advantage of the social referral program. Within minutes, you can design “refer a friend” promotions on your WordPress website.

Set up referral campaigns like a contest, program offering goal-based rewards or one with instant rewards, to show your appreciation to current customers for sharing your link through social media channels.



Refiral can boost your sales by as much three times. How?

This useful referral plugin helps you boost conversion rate by converting visitors to customers as they are offered compelling discounts. It helps you acquire new customers by ‘capturing’ your existing customers’ friends and acquaintances; promoting your business among those who are really willing to buy only makes sense.

And, you get to make your current customers happy by rewarding them for the love and loyalty they show towards your brand.



Interested in discovering smarter ways of acquiring new customers for your business?

Boost social referrals through a word of mouth program that sees you growing every time a customer refers people to your website. The refer-a-friend tool lets you consistently hit revenue targets. There’s even a referral analytics dash that shows how customers see you and how the referral program is affecting sales.

Fully automated, and a breeze to set up, this one is quite simply difficult to pass up.



What business owner wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to turn users, advocates or customers into brand ambassadors? Why not use their collective power of influence to drive sales?

This fully automated plugin lets you use your own HTML code and have automated emails sent from your domain. Keep an eye on your main referral metrics on the dashboard; have access to the most up-to-the-minute social data. A 360 degree view gives you crucial insights with complex filtering options.



This creative plugin lets you initiate customer referral campaigns literally within minutes. No need to change your code for every marketing drive, just install once and forget.

Practically no technical knowledge is required and you get an integrated Facebook Referral Timeline app as well.

The campaigns generally cover three categories: instant rewards where you invite 50 friends to extend gratification to them later; a contest that rewards top three referrers on the basis of maximum traffic, invites and sales, and; goal-based rewards where customers are rewarded for referral registrations or sales.

Referral SaaSquatch 



Take Referral SaaSquatch for spin if you’re looking for a dev-friendly way to integrate customer referral programs into your website or web app.

The javascript widget as well as the subscription service integration lets you track customer referrals and allow rewards accordingly. Easily reward and offer discounts or credits to both your paying customers newly referred ones.

The referral plugin’s dash lets you keep a close eye on how well your program is doing at every step – from active participants to new profits made.



Well known e-commerce companies like BirchBox and DollarShaveClub have been using FriendBuy for quite some time now.

The plugin’s cool A/B testing features let you put your referral programs to the test before giving your customers a chance to use it. Easily track your performance and signature left on social media channels, where your customers will be sharing referral links.

Referral Lite


Extend your WordPress website with a highly effective referral system. Boost sales with one of the most effective WordPress referral plugins on the web today.

With the premium version, you get real-time reporting, statistical data, integrated shortcodes to be used for referral links, banners and downline as well as the ability to have unlimited referrals including referred users.

Did you find this article helpful? If we missed any noteworthy plugins, feel free to leave your comments below. You can also get in touch with us directly to discuss referral plugins at length or anything on mobile technology.

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