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Role of Project Manager in Facebook App and Game Development

Effective project management is essential for any game and facebook application development project. With a breakdown of the integral components in this type of, you can ascertain and describe the backdrop of effective Project Management; there will certainly be more clarity in terms of understanding how managers & developers deliver projects on time while they don’t compromise on quality and remain well within the confines of budgets given to them.

The Role of a Project Manager

A Project Manager is also known as a “producer” and is aptly defined as the clients’ representative within the agency. This manager is charged with the responsibility of comprehending and transforming the client’s facebook app development brief so that appropriate tasks and directions can be assigned to developers. This has to be done in such a way that internal teams of developers and business analysts comprehend precisely what is demanded of them. When this is successfully managed, they can proceed smoothly with the design, and proceed with building the application.

Why Do I Need a Project Manager?

The role of the project management is quite a hybrid one considering that it encompasses the role of a client account manager. With this, a whole stratum of hierarchy can be slashed, which means that a client can have a more direct level of communication with those responsible for delivery of his or her game and facebook app development project. With this arrangement, the internal teams also develop an integral understanding of the client’s business because the instructions are more direct; Project Managers are to furnish strategically better insights and recommendations.

When you have a facebook app and game development project to work on, having a Project Manager in charge of all resources and coordination is crucial to achieving eventual success; these managers oversee every deliverable and remain mindful of and responsible for internal as well as external stakeholders throughout the project. Managing client briefs in particular, keeping in mind the budget and time lines for the project are all focused on strictly. Along with this, comprehending and planning according to the requirements of briefs is paramount, and the ability to coordinate third-party integrations is often a requirement from a technical viewpoint. Either via web services (APIs) or some other customized technical input is usually implemented in view of this.

Why Can’t a Client Assign a Project Directly to a Game and Facebook App Developer?

Your project may be quite extensive, and managing an entire team of developers can be a headache for you, especially when there is an enormous amount of development data to coordinate. When you have just one Project Manager who answers your queries and passes on your instructions to the development team through his or her own technical understanding, everything is so much simpler for you. Such an individual will always have an in-depth as well as a broad view and understanding across all aspects of your project.

As opposed to a holistic, value-driven, client perspective that the project manager can easily provide, it would be quite difficult when directly communicating with a game and facebook app developer who – from an essentially technical or creative perspective – will most likely be limited in his or her view of your requirements.

To illustrate the above point, consider asking a developer and a designer about whether you should have a Flash animation or JavaScript one; each one would answer you according to his or her understanding. The developer is most likely to say that JavaScript should be a preference over Flash due to the fact that it possesses more cross-browser compatibility and is SEO friendly. The designer, from his or her creative angle, might prefer Flash as there is greater room for being creative with the tools it has. As a result, you’d be left wondering whose view to consider; but with a Project Manager coordinating your queries against technical aspects, you’d have the most appropriate solution, which would entail a balanced and logical view after considering both viewpoints.

Project Management Agile Methodology

Implementing an Agile Methodology ensures adaptability at almost any stage. It also helps us to cut down on time spent on typical hiccups that ordinarily demand formal meetings between individuals and teams concerned with designing and building a project. In other words, this method allows greater flexibility at almost any step of the process, which permits us to backtrack and implement desired changes easily and also progress quicker towards completion.

How Do I Locate a Good Company?

Always make sure you trust your project in the hands of a company that employs high caliber staff; their expertise can be ascertained by assessing their portfolio of clients. Additionally, you can ask the company for testimonials written by existing clients, which will allow you to gauge their level of experience and capabilities as facebook application development Project Managers. Furthermore, you may ask the company to provide you with a bio-data of the nominated Project Manager. If possible, it would also be a good idea to meet with the Project Manager; a direct meeting will help you get a feel of his or her personality, style and professionalism.

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