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Run your promotion on social channels!

Promotional Application DeveloperSocial Cubix makes it easy for you to run your promotion on social channels. We’ve worked with everybody from Fortune 500 clients to independent start-ups, the size doesn’t matter, only the power of the brand that we’re going to help you push in a big way. Launch on Facebook or go across the board and target a mobile audience for a full viral spread of your promotional message, we provide the tools to showcase that message in the most dynamic and immersive way.

And remember, leveraging the power of social media means sending out your sweepstakes, your contests, whatever promotion you want to run so that users take on a little of the responsibility and “share the wealth”, drawing in their friends and encouraging everybody to come back and play again and again, further exposing a huge market segment to what you’re promoting. With a custom administration back-end including proprietary analytics software tied in with some of the most major analytics tracking services out there you can keep track of every demographic, all your exposure, and all your growth.

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