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Social Cubix Announces Support for Open Graph!

When the f8 conference assembles every year, the world listens with anticipation as many new ideas and developments evolve, to lay new foundations for the ever-changing Facebook platform. This year’s f8 conference, the third annual f8 developer conference, has brought us much knowledge of the platform’s advancement—mainly focusing on how the web is “being socialized”.

The conference is always aimed at developers-yet we have found two announcements which have paramount implications for both businesses and personal users. One of those two important announcements includes the ‘Open Graph Tool’ – which happens to have been introduced by Facebook. Basically, the tool works by embedding some simple codes into your website which will allow your website to be synced with the social graph. It will result in your content being “social” both on your site and back on Facebook. While the feature has its viral advantages, and broadens the horizon for marketers, at this initial stage many of the features related to the Open Graph seem a bit abstract. It is therefore advised to focus on the most important and easy to implement items.

Proceeding with caution at this initial stage may save you a lot of time and energy, since features implemented this early in development may change in a month – or tomorrow. Unless you are eager to spend the resources required to change in the near future, it may be best to hold off on implementing this feature for now. But if you are looking to build a new website in near future, make sure it’s “Facebook enabled”.

The second important announcement is about the integration of simple tools, “Social Plug-ins.” Social Plug-ins will be ahead of the curve, and have the potential to increase traffic while giving the known benefits of adding social features to your website.

The Social Plug-ins do not provide the option to “unlike” products which make them great for marketing and showing products in a positive light. The move shows the strength of Facebook and its control over so much social data. We are moving towards a time when you and your business will be dependent on Facebook for access to that social data. Social Media Optimization is the key to success for your business and brand. As the norms of Social Media are ever changing, act now and let your voice be heard – or someone else will speak for you.

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