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Social Cubix at the Social Media Plus Conference

Social Cubix exhibited at the recently concluded Social Media Plus conference, held on May 25, 2010 in Philadelphia.The conference saw a turn out of over 700 individuals representing diverse businesses and organizations interested in learning more about Social Media and building connections. The event was truly remarkable as a lot of learning and interaction was compressed efficiently into one day, in addition to of course, the interesting city of Philadelphia!

Social Media is evidently catching on like wild fire with individuals and brands convincingly coming to the point of agreement that it is indeed the direction to follow to create and promote brand awareness and capitalize on the teeming internet population. We talked with individuals with diverse interests in social media from radio stations to book publishers and major brands that are not satisfied with their current social media Social Media Plus Summit engagement and the consensus is that social media the new driver in advertising and monetization online. We were able to present to them, bespoke solutions that are sure to enable them exploit to the maximum extent, the possibilities embedded in social media as applied to their businesses.

Some of the tools that we showcased included interactive Facebook fanpages and how those can be used to gauge and improve fan loyalty, custom developed applications and games, unique promotional campaigns as well as tools to measure performance. We also talked to a lot of folks about mobile applications especially those on iPhone and the Android platforms and the future of mobile advertising. Social Cubix is actually working on a new product that is guaranteed to change the shopping experience on mobile phones like never seen before. Watch this space for more information about the new product.

We also got to talk with some cool companies out there in our space. Joyent was one of the companies that attracted our interest, not because their booth was directly opposite ours, but because the service they offer is useful to some of our solutions. Joyent offers scalable and intelligent cloud hosting for applications especially those built to see high traffic and server processor use. Other companies include MadDash, a video content servicing company looking to go social in very creative ways.

SMP was really enjoyable as we got to help people understand the benefits of social media and also provide them with the practical tools to leverage this new form of media to their advantage. It’s not just a new form of media, it’s becoming a way of life!

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