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Social Cubix Blog: Officially launched

Social Cubix have launched their official blog, today. It has been two weeks in working out this thing and the result is outstanding.

The reason to come out with this blog is to let people know of the recent developments and progress going around the company and the Social Media planet.” said Salman Lakhani, the COO at Social Cubix.

We would let the people know of our work and help them grasp the concept of ever evolving Social Media phenomena. The word is ‘social’, and we would do our best to interact with people here and keep them updated with this blog. The performers at the company seem enthusiastic and ever dedicated with the news of the making of the blog as they know that their work will be featured here every now and then.

Social Cubix has been around in Social Media niche for almost four years having expertise in making Facebook Applications, MySpace Applications, iPhone Applications, Facebook Connect integration, SEO services and recently Google Android Application development.

Amongst their renowned clients list include: PayPal, Real Networks,, Office Depot, Nike, Wallmart, Nascar and many more.

This ad vent of their blog is to be considered as an informative work about their projects, advancement, developments and progress – also that of Social Media as the whole.

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