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Social Cubix Recommends: 7 Best Mobile Ad Platforms

Are you an aspiring and energetic app developer looking to get their most prized app monetized? Want to take it a step further, charge for downloads and offer in-app purchases?

There are more than three dozen promising mobile ad platforms in use today. The plain truth is most of them are generally commoditized, meaning you get very similar payouts and experiences. Which monetization model will help you maximize revenues? We take a look at a few “cream of the crop” standouts.


If making advanced gaming apps is your thing, this is right up there as one of the best.


Most mobile gamers simply do not want to get stuck in that rut of paying repeatedly, just to get to the end of their game. What if you could earn in-game credits, like downloading other free games for instance?

With Tapjoy, gamers get to earn in-game currency by performing actual tasks: incentivized download. What happens is you offer gamers virtual currency incentives and they get to choose or download the apps they want.

Gamers enjoy virtual rewards and access to premium content in over 20,000 games, which are supported by a billion network devices on Tapjoy; there are practically no fill rate issues at all.


Ah, a Google product beating Apple to the punch, that’s just brilliant!


Even though AdMob does not sport the highest eCPM currently, it displays more ads to iPhone users than possibly any other network out there.

AdMob’s fill rate is generally good and works well across nearly all platforms. Many developers stand by it and will go as far as to claim it outperforms iAd, particularly when we talk CTRs. Set your own refresh rate on ad units, which generates significantly more total ads that are displayed, along with better optimized monetization.


Flurry’s AppSpot has over 1.2 billion users, 3.5 million app sessions on a daily basis, and 125,000 apps. Developers can run ads from its AppCircle network, along with other ad networks they’ve sold to directly.


This promising mobile ad platform also has a well-known analytics product which lets app makers know exactly how users are engaging with their apps.  Thanks to implementations such as conventional banner ads, re-engagement ads to prompt users to download other apps and video clips, you can run your own ads or even ads from other mobile platforms.


Everyday mobile ad platforms are good when we talk about displaying game title ads, however; they’ve become rather outdated since they usually don’t focus on targeting a select group or niche with specific gaming interests.


Chartboost is another platform dedicated to gaming ads, with above par analytics technology and integration. Boasting a highly creative and professional approach, heavy promotions are the order of the day.

Have your eCPM optimized as advertisers boost their bids to provide revenue numbers you will be more than happy to see. 5 lines of code is all it takes. Ads encourage users to download other new games, so audiences are always hungry for trying out new stuff.


Among the new breed of mobile ad platforms, Appflood offers a healthy app promotion as well as monetization and mobile advertising combo.


Developers can swap installs with other developers and monetize their mobile products, while advertisers buy in-app advertising on a CPI (cost per install) basis, using the Appflood network.

Appflood is based on the Papaya Mobile apps engine and payment service.


There’s no denying the way Android has dominated the Smartphone market. It shouldn’t come as a surprise at all how the demand for targeted ad solutions for Android users has soared.


Airpush promises between ten and thirty times more returns on ads as opposed to our non-Android rivals. Thanks to push notification ads, you can forget about all those inactive app users; now you can reach them conveniently, right from their notification trays.

Millennial Media

The highly promising mobile ad platform Millennial Media offers publishing features in addition to advertising features, through which you can promote your app. You can create a client campaign which gets advertisers to compete for your inventory according to categories such as pricing, pacing, date range etc. Transactions are reported within a highly systematic dashboard.


Millennial Media supports Ad Network Mediation; this unlocks the ability to have your ads displayed on other popular platforms like AdMob. Allocate traffic across networks according to location, ad revenue and percentage, based on eCPM.

House Ads helps you cross-promote apps inside your own application. The monetization and advertisement combo is hard to beat.

Get in touch with us to discuss any and everything on mobile apps, and feel free to leave your comments below. Perhaps we missed a noteworthy mention or two, in which case we’d love to know your thoughts.

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