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Social Cubix Top 7 App Picks – May Issue

Greetings folks!

The peak summer season is almost upon us. So stay hydrated and well-ventilated!

Grab some iced tea or lemonade, chill out and enjoy our 7-app review this month.

Canva – iOS


This iPad exclusive is an online app which lets you log in and save creations on the web.

Creating fancy shmancy graphics through software isn’t everybody’s bag and Canva understands that.

The app takes you through a complete tutorial on how to create graphic designs. Canva comes with a plethora of features and some standout ones include a humongous clipart database, premade design templates and images. It doesn’t matter if you’re clueless so as to what you want to do; you will definitely find something which appeals to your taste.

It’s easy as cake to save and share your design creations; perfect for those of us who want to create media for Facebook, blogs/articles or party invitations.

Spruce up your Facebook page or website design with Canva.

Vurb – iOS


A simple-to-view card interface which displays and consolidates several distinct, easy-to-summarize results: this is what Vurb is all about.

Cards that are easily shared remove lists of links and you don’t have to switch between apps just to get chunks of information.

Every summarized card contains an overview of the most crucial information for any given item and you can also create decks of items which can be saved or shared with friends.

Find.Eat.Drink – iOS


Need a quick suggestion or two on the best burger joint or pizza place? Tap into Find.Eat.Drink. After all, filling yourself up with good food is serious business, and you want opinions and advice from only the top pros.

Get top reviews of food and drink from the most sought-after baristas, chefs and bartenders. If you’re familiar with Yelp’s UI, you’ll love how easy it is to get around in the app. Pick a venue type and location, and you get a list of relevant results.

Find.Eat.Drink is an interesting spin on food and drink discovery and you know what they say: iteration makes perfect.

Field Trip – iOS, Android

Field Trip

Discover the inner-traveler inside you, when you’re just around and about, use Field Trip to discover everything that’s around you and find your bearings in an unfamiliar locality. The app pings you details about famous and well-known places including historical sites, restaurants, malls and many other places that you may not be able to dig up on Yelp or Google.

Fancy – iOS, Android


Fancy lets you peruse items of other users and add those to your list. Sound a bit voyeuristic? Not at all; most users might feel flattered to have their items “Fancy’d” over to your list.

If you like using Pinterest, you’ll enjoy Fancy even more. Use your camera or gallery to upload item pics. Sign up and start viewing an automatic feed of popular and the newest items you might Fancy.

The app also lets you add multiple lists at once, something Pinterest doesn’t. Plus, it’s easier to move separate items between lists.

The Hunt – iOS, Android

The Hunt

Rated by Apple as the number one Best New Lifestyle App, The Hunt’s captivating aura will have you hooked.

Crowd-source your shopping hunt to find a specific item or something that’s “close enough”. Upload the item’s photo and The Hunt community gets to work. They’ll either identify the exact product or provide recommendations for similar ones.

Strolling around in the city and see an outfit on someone you tremendously like? Snap a photo and chances are The Hunt community will narrow it down for you pretty well.

Get inspired and acquire your favorite item, fast!

QKSMS – Android


Replace your average, everyday, bland text messaging app with QKSMS.

The trendy-looking messaging app goes right along with Google’s Material Design guidelines and the plus version gives you access to more than 150 themes, rather than the 19 you get with the standard version.

Themes are merely a part of the equation – you’ve got group texts, night mode, quick replies – it’s got it all. The quick reply feature is a real pleaser; incoming messages pop up on a little widget and you can shoot back a brief comeback right away and even attach any pics or files you like.

We hope you enjoyed May’s first issue. Get in touch with our mobile devs to possibly have your app featured in our next end-March issue. Here are links to some recent bi-monthly issues you should check out:

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